Verbatim MediDisc

Was justing checking whats new at SVP and they have DVD-R x8 and CD-R x52 Verbatim MediDisc’s. Have anyone used them, are they anygood and whats different about them ?? in the description it mentions “Metal Azo” i thought they stopped using this back on the x16 CD-R’s.

They also mention “DICOM compliant and usable in HIPPA records systems”, whats this all about ??

Id imagine DICOM and HIPPA refers to some medical records or other medical system? I do recall someone on the forums having used the discs but have no idea who :slight_smile:

If the Verbatim medical-grade media is similar to how the Maxell equivalent performs, then they should be very good. The primary advantages they claim to have is consistency of production & superior QC. Nice they are finally being given EU distribution :slight_smile:

Might just buy a box of each see what they are like.

I assume these are CMC-made MIT, and should be good quality. :slight_smile:

DICOM is designed to ensure compatible data storage and access methods between different hospitals and equipment. They want the medical records to be accessible in ten or twenty years. HIPPA is designed to protect patient privacy by restricting access to their information. I’ve heard of these discs being recommended for general use because of the higher quality.