Verbatim mediastation pro



I have a verbatim mediastation pro 750gb which was recently purchased. I am baffled as to why the power indicator (blue on top) is blinking and the other power indicator (red below) does not light. But I was able to put files in it by using usb connected to my computer. I tried connecting it on TV but not working. Can you help me, please? Thanks


Okay, I was not able to pull up the User Manuel, but it should tell you how to set it up. This looks like a Media Player with Storage. How did you hook it up to your TV, with HDMI? It has various ways to hook it up to your TV, but then you have to change the Input on your TV to at least view the Splash Screen or Main Screen where you can access your Video and Music Options. So let me know how you have it hooked up to your TV, if not HDMI then Component, S-Video, or Composite. Once you have it hooked up to your TV, you can access your Computer or Server Wirelessly or over Ethernet. :cool: