Verbatim media clearance at Staples

Read this on another deals forum and confirmed it …

Verbatim media is on clearance at Staples :-

10 pack 16x DVD+R - $2.50
10 pack 16x DVD+R LightScribe - $3.50
3 pack 2.4x Dual Layer - $5.50

I picked up 4 packs of the Dual Layer and 2 packs of the 16x DVD+R at my local Staples in Oviedo, FL. Store still has around 6 pack of Dual Layers and almost 20 packs of the 16x stuff left over.

I think this is an awesome deal on the Dual Layer disks with no rebates.


Thanks for the info.

hmmmm…I have to go out of town today and i pass by 2 Staples stores. Will check to see for DL discs.

just got back from the staples near work. picked up the last 6 packs of dvd+r dl. $5.50. nice. plenty of light scribe media available (both cd-r and dvd).

Wow. Just got back from Staples with 20 16x -R discs and 6 +R DL discs for just $16 (pre-tax). Crazy! The new prices were not labeled or advertised and showed up only during checkout.

I didn’t know the price would only show up on checkout!!! :doh: I just came from my local Staples and didn’t see the prices mentioned here, so I didn’t get any of the DL media!!! :a

Yup. Bought 7 packs. :slight_smile:

Btw. No more in Fountain Valley, 17th St. Costa Mesa, or South Coast Plaza (all in So. Cal.)


Staples Hollywood is out and they said they ain’t coming back!

So I guess they really did mean it when they said “clearance”…

HAHAHA…the south coast plaza staples is out because I went in and bought the last 6!!! I cleaned out the Staples on Edinger also…lol…bought the last 5 +R’s.

I still can’t believe the deal…$25 for 100 MCC04…oh yea!!!

I would have bought some too - if someone had posted about it earlier.

Still plenty left in my Staples. I went back for a second round tonight. :bigsmile:

Just got back in town and the Staples i went to had the DL’s and i bought 3 packs. The price was marked on the display correct $5.50. Heck of a deal :bigsmile: Chuck44 if your reading this the south store is where i got them :wink:

hey rolling56 u talking bout the one by fazolli’s???

Forgot about you studmonkey76. It’s the one on So. Glenstone close to hwy 60. South of Best Buy other side of the street.
Edit: The had approx. 10 packs of the DL’s left at 1 pm today but they might have had more in the back. Only had 2 packs of LS’s and i didn’t see any 10 packs of 16X +R’s. They are not with the regular media on the shelves. They are in the Verbatim cardboard displays. I bet there’s gonna be alot of DL scans in the near future :bigsmile:

While you are out…the Garden Grove store isn’t far from there. Garden Grove Blvd and Harbor Blvd :wink:

Is this deal globally on?

I can’t find Staples open hours. I remember they open at 10 AM on Sunday.
Does anyone know the opening hour for Saturday?

Mine opens @ 9am on sat & 11am on sun…not sure about yours

I can’t pass up that +R DL deal…Staples here I come!

I went to 3 different stores in San Diego county and only one had any inventory. I took the last 40 +R’s. none of them had any DL. I asked if they could check other stores inventory and it looks like San diego county is cleaned out!!! Bummer,