Verbatim Media at Office Depot = CMC



Office Depot is running a B1, G1 deal this week on 25 packs of Verbatim DVD-/+R media. Unfortunately:

  1. The accompanying picture shows a 50pack of Memorex, leading one to believe it’s a 50pack spindle;

  2. Both types of media turned out to be made by CMC, and that means junk.

How unfortunate that we now get to play Russian roulette with Verbatim. CMC in the mix is always bad news.

Stay away from these.


CMC DVD’s are not junk. And unless you have some accompanying tests to support your assertion that it is, I’m not letting you get away with that. On some of the better burners, CMC is in the “high quality” category for burn quality.

Verbatim DVD’s, all types, have always been partly made by CMC so this is not news either.

My advice is that unless you have verified that your burner does not like CMC, try it and you may be pleasantly surprised.


ive seen good CMCs and bad. verbatims only use the good CMCs, the off brand companies are usually the ones that get the bad batch runs…such as Khypermedia 1x DVD-R ones i have…although the NEC can still make decent burns with them at 2x. Same holds true for Riteks…tdk branded ones seem to be real good ones.


The 708a was having none of it. Lots of pixels, freezing during last 30 minutes of capacity. No such issues with the Ricoh and Maxell media.

Risk it at your pleasure.


Well, I bought TDK branded CMC (DVD+R) that was nearly flawless. The Khypermedia (DVD-R) manufactured by TDK turns out to be extremely low quality (most DVD players skip when reading it)


Khypermedia seems to get the lower end of the lot on batches. what ive found is every Verbatim brand dvd ive boughten has worked well regardless of manufacturer…it seems they do get the better batches.


The Khypermedia (DVD-R) manufactured by TDK turns out to be extremely low quality (most DVD players skip when reading it)

Actually, TDK DVD-R is generally made in Taiwan by CMC. :bigsmile:
So your KHyphermedia were actually TDK seconds, sold as generic bulk by CMC. LOL, ain’t capatalism wonderfull?


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More work for “grammarSsseth”… :smiley:

Can´t find word capatalism in my dictionary. I know though what capitalism is…

BTW, I dont like that type of capitalism. It sounds more like “usury” or/and profiteering.

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