Verbatim MCCs on sale at OfficeMax, no Rebate



Officemax has their Verbatim MCC media on sale again for $15 per 50. For those who don’t know, the +R is MCC 004 and the -R is MCC 03RG20. Theu also have the CDRs on sale for the same price per 100. If the CDs are Taiwan, they have been CMC in the past. Watch out for the Made in China CDs.

In my experience, the MCC 004s are some of the best media I have seen, 16X or otherwise. On my LG 4166, they burn at a full 16X and turn out burns close to my YUDEN000 T02 at 8X.

Starts Sunday, 3/26.


Just picked up 200 of those a few weeks ago, the +Rs. If you order more than $50, i.e. four, shipping is free.


The OfficeMax closest to me NEVER has the media that is on sale. Never.


I thought the outfits like OfficeMaX are national chain and regardless where they are located thier inventory and sale prices and advertizement are the same.


Officemax is nationwide except Hawaii and Alaska. I used to live in Hawaii for a year so I know.


So good to know that advertisement as far as OfficeMax concern is for inland states and those two states are exception, thanes for clarification.


Then go to Best Buy, they have the Verbs there and pricematch them or even better buy the Sony Yudens that are on sale this week, 50 for 14.99.


That can be tricky. On several occasions my local BB has called the store I was trying to do the pricematch with, to verify that they actually had stock on hand.
So if as he says his officemax doesn’t happen to have any in stock, then he could be making a wasted trip.


All I ever had to do was bring the circular and they pricematched with no questions asked. I know some stores do call, but if you go on Sunday (the first day of the sale) they are most likely to have stock on advertized items. Lately I would rather buy the MCC004 than the new Acccore Sony Yudens, the newer ones with “Accucore” on the discs. They burn like the MCC004 not like the older Sony Yudens when you always got a PIF under 200 and a QS of no less than 98, not that the newer ones are bad but the PIFs are a little higher like the MCC004, in the 400PIF range.


No, this is not true. Unless there is a disclaimer for the state, the advertised prices apply.
I have found that many times though, the advertised sale price is not displayed on the shelf. Having the circular in hand when I check out has always gotten me the advertised price. (and yes, I shop in these states)


I guess I should have been more explicit. The OfficeMax close to me simply never has any of the advertised media in stock. I have been there shortly after noon on the first day of the sale, and none of the on-sale media was in stock. After about 3 occurrences of this, I got mad and tried to stir up a little trouble. I asked to speak to the store manager, who turned out to be the personification of “Don’t give a s*it”. I went to their web site and actually found a phone number for their corporate offices. After a few minutes, I figured out where the store manager learned his attitude.

Nowadays, I just ignore OfficeMax. Life is too short to give yourself ulcers over a bunch of #%&@#.


Yes, given a choice between, I choose Office Depot. Night and day difference between the two where I live.


From what I gather, if the item is considered a normal stock item, then they do not ship any for the sale (they just assume that they will have them). It’s not that strange for them to be out of stock. I live in the dallas area so there are multiple stores and it is not that uncommon for to find a few that are out before I find one that has something.
Also, while there are no limited to stock on hand kinds of disclaimers, the act like there are. Its too bad that there is not something beter than verbatium as they usally get a substitution list around wensday or thursday. the subs are often beter but they often won’t tell you about the sub unless you are a problem for them. I lived on ricohjpnr01 for a long time from OM. Anytime they had anything on sale, I got imation ricjpnr01 subbed. My favorite is call a store that you know is probably out, ask them if they have it. there is a 50 percent chance the underpaid, under trained employee will find the wrong thing and tell you it is in stock. Ask him to hold it, you are on your way but you have to drive a ways so it might take you a while. When they don’t have it, be nice but keep talking to the manager about it. Tell him your in depth story about how much time and trouble you spent to come get this item and how far you had to drive. Most will give up pretty quick, but I’m not above talking to him for an hour plus. Never say die!!!I used to love getting one over on them because they run fraud ads.