Verbatim MCC01RG20 Taiwan= MCM? Fake MCC?

In the NEC forum, “Sapa” has told me that the Verbatims labeled as MCC01RG20, and made in Taiwan, are not real MCC, but MCM.
The good ones are made in Singapore.

This is also hinted in the 2500A review here at cdfreaks.

Can anyone confirm this?
I have found very cheap 10-disc spindles of these Verbatims, with MCC01RG20 code, made in Taiwan. This would explain the cheap price (0,8€/disk)

They’re real MCCs, just made in Taiwan by CMC, although they do use the same technology as MCC Singapore. From my experience, the Taiwan-made MCCs aren’t as reliable as the Singapore-made ones, however, if you can find the Taiwan-made ones at a good price, go for it! :slight_smile:


ah, this one looks like a balanced reply.
Now it makes more sense.
I guess I will buy a few to test.


No sense my reply ?

Thought I said they were both real but just buy a few to test .

Traduttore, traditore !

I just bought some from both Singapore and Taiwan. From what I see the PI/PO errors are similar, although it appears LOWER for the ones from Taiwan.


It doesn’t seem so here
But YMMV :cool:

conflicting experiences here, hehehe.
Please, more evidence.

If they are manufactured by MCM Magnetics, but the technology employed (dye, etc) is by Mitsubishi Chemicals, then Verbatim is entitled to say they are Mitsubishi.
This makes more sense to me, because I initially thought that the technology was also MCM. That would mean Verbatim are liars.

Anyway, things are not clear, as some people are happy, some are not with those made in Taiwan. It seems that the quality is very variable. Probably the dye is good Mitsubishi, but MCM is a bad company, with bad schemes, organization, salaries, etc, and this could produce quality variability.

Oh, btw, I e-mailed to a Spanish shop about the 25-spindles. They say they are also made in Taiwan. Not only the cheap 10-spindles are made in Taiwan, but also the expensive 25-spindles are. It seems that Singapore doesn’t exist anymore for 4X media.

Yeah, I think pretty much the Singapore MCC plant only makes 8x media now. However there is also 8x MCC media made in Taiwan by CMC out there, so it isn’t even true that 8x Mitsubishi media is always from Singapore anymore :frowning:

oh well…media manufacturers like to play dirty with us…

I have a MCC CDR made in Singapore 16x Blue Disc 10’s Slim pack. The Model no. is MP80SS1P. Are these equivalent to TY discs? I loved TY Disc, but not available anymore here:(

These discs aren’t supported very well in many newer drives, but they’re TY-like on older drives, or on quality DVD writers such as the NEC ND-2500A! :slight_smile: