Verbatim MCC004s fail in both of my burners

Hello there,
I have a LiteOn DH20A4P and a Pioneer DVR-115D.
When I burn Verbatims from a recently opened 100 cakebox (which I
had bought 1 year ago) I get strange errors in both of my burners,and
each time the Imgburn graph log file shows oddities in the transfer rate at around the 3 GB mark. I have a few of them attached.
In several cases the burning process or the verification failed

Since both drives have problems with the discs, most likely the drives are not the cause, but can Verbatim discs really be that bad?

I also wondered if a chipset/OS compatibility issue might be the reason.
I have Windows 7Ultimate, which officially doesnt support my nforce3 chipset, but since the device manager doesn’t show problems I belived I can dare to keep windows 7 and burn with it?

The imgburn support tends to blame the discs in my case, what would be your opinion?


MCC004 are one of the most trusted mid codes around. Though we have some people gripe that they are not what they once were, there are very, very few reports of a complete failure to burn using these disks.

My advice is to get a different type of disk and see if you have any problems. Get a small pack of Sony blank dvds and see if they have any issues in burning. You might also try burning the Verbatims at 8x instead of 16x. If you know anyone else with a dvd burner, try the disks in their machine…again slow the speed down a bit in your tests.

Once you’ve established that other types of disks work in your two burners with no problems, and the MCC004 disks don’t work in another system, you should contact Verbatim. They have a lifetime guarantee on their blank media.

Might also just be that particular pack/spindle - I’ve had the odd lemon (yes, even with Verbies) in a single spindle - last one containing a couple of “sub-par” discs (i.e. failed to burn halfway through), were Prodisc-made.

You don’t say where the Verbies were made, do you still have the packaging?

Both Kerry’s suggestions, I agree with - in fact, as a matter of course, except for testing purposes, I burn all my DVD media at 8x-12x. :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2523058]… in fact, as a matter of course, except for testing purposes, I burn all my DVD media at 8x-12x. :)[/QUOTE] I also burn all my DVDs at 8x (with the rare 6x exception), which avoids most of the questionable burn quality often encountered when burning at 16x or higher - even with supposed quality media like Verbatim. :iagree:

Try it - it might make your burns with this spindle more acceptable.

[QUOTE=Stefan1971HH;2522984]…When I burn Verbatims from a recently opened 100 cakebox (which I
had bought 1 year ago)…[/QUOTE]

If you have this problem [B]only[/B] with discs of that box, then the most probable culprit are indeed the discs. Did you try to burn some MCC004 from a different box?

A bad batch of media too bad can happen, maybe these discs were stored wrongly by you or by the seller. Even if looking at them discs seems perfect, a microscopic defect can be present :frowning:

Can you try to burn some of these discs with a different drive (just to exclude some software/hardware issue in your computer)? You can ask a friend to do some quick tests. If also a different drive in a different computer give the same problem, you found another evidence that media of that specific box are defective.

Thanks for all the hints.
I had no occasion so far to test other media in my system or the same media in other systems, but will do so.
But what I did today was trying to burn under WinXP again after google showed me lots of reports about Windows7-related burning problems.
I burnt two different large projects, each at 16X with one of my drives.
While the Pioneer burn looked much better (only with a small prong again in the area of 3 GB) the Liteon showed simiklar problems as under Windows 7.
Does this say anything?

thanks again

I would still give it a try at 8X and see what happens, as the others have suggested.

I run Win 7 and have no burning issues with any media I use.


My burning rig is Win7 Home 64 bit - I burn MCC 004’s exclusively and only at 8x - and don’t have any problems with getting exceptional burns 99% of the time-

What we are all trying to tell you here = [B][I]burn at [/I][/B][B][I]8x[/I][/B]-eh!!

Thanks, but I had no problems earlier with oder media burnt at 16X,
and the Verbatim support once told me a 16X disc should be burnt with at least 12X.
You still mabe right that 8X would lead to better results if these discs here are crappy, but in this case the real solution would be to demand a refund from the shop.

We’ve discovered through many hundreds…perhaps thousands of user tests that very slow burn speeds are not recommended for most 16x media. 8x (and sometimes 6x) are about as slow as we would advise people to use. This is not so much due to the media itself, but rather to the firmware found in modern drives. They are optimized for faster burns as a general rule. 8 to 12x has proved to be safe, unless you are talking about laptop drives that have a max speed of 8x. For those, I’d try 6x if possible.

I still advise the steps outlined in my first post. Try different media in these drives, try the original MCC004 at slower speed, and try the MCC004’s in a different system. This should give you enough information to proceed.

I didn’t have occasion yet to test the Verbies in another system,
but following Kerry56’s advice I got myself a few Sony DVD+Rs and burnt one large project in each of the drives.
This lresults look better, though there still seem to be a few tiny flaws in
3 GB+ area:

Update: I showed all these results to Verbatim customer service.
They asked me to send the discs in for analysis and announced a refund in case the media
turn out to be faulty.

I now got a response by Verbatim after they examined the discs.
All their tests showed ok, good or very good results for my burnt discs
(they sent me copies of the results). Same goes for other discs of the same cakebox, which I hadnt used and Verbatim burnt and tested too.

Though they concluded there was nothing wrong with my dics, they sent a generous replacement.

They believe that my system for some reason had given me wrong
(unjustifiedly bad) testing results.

I’m still looking for an explanation, because in some of my problem cases,
the burning process even had been interrupted with error message
(which seems to say the problem can not lie in testing alone).

I hope updating my old thread is allowed.
So Verbatim replaced the 100 MCC 004 discs, but also sent the ones I was complaining about back, because these were considered ok in Verbatim’s examination.

I was wondering if could go on using the original discs.
While some of the burning result I got with them were fine, I’ve yesterday experienced these two attached results; if I’m not mistaken, at least the second shows a serious problem. It’s also noticeable, that the problem occurs again in the 3GB area, just like the earlier cases that had mad me send the discs to Verbatim’s customer service.

I’m a bit lost here figuring out the reason for these problem’s because (according to Verbatim) neither the discs themselves are to blame nor is it very likely that the burners or the burner disc/ combination cause the problems, because there were too many good burns (also at 12x o 16X burning.
Concerning Verbatim’s examination of the discs, i still don’t understand why even discs that suffered an irregular interuption of the burning process didn’t fail their customer service’s test.

These discs are defective in my opinion, and I have no idea how they “tested” them.

Maybe they only tested a single disc and by chance they got a decent one, so noticing no errors they assumed that all discs in the box are fine.

If the burner was the culprit, then every disc (i.e. all brands and mediacode) should have the same problem at the 3 GB mark, but because of this happen only with the discs contained in that box, then the most probable explanation is a defective batch of media.

Both of my burners had this “3GB problem” with some oft he discs of this cakebox. On the other hand, some others out of the same box were fine. But no problems occured in both burners with discs from other boxes.
This would still point at the box with a relatively high percentage of crappy discs, but this comtradicts Verbatim’s test results.

My guess is that they tested only one or very few discs, and they were lucky enough to get all the decent ones.

Another possible explanation is that they assumed that discs are good because even if there is that PIF spike at 3 GB the burned disc is still readable :frowning:

Geno888, you may be right. I just re-read their letter and they actually wrote that they burnt and tested a random sample of the still blank disks I had sent in and they found their quality in the area of “good - very good”.
But they claim the same for those disks of the same cakebox that had already been burnt by me - including those that
had bad quality scan on my system or even a failling interrupted burning process.

for me verbatim or employees of verbatim are big liars. :Z

do you know that thread starts Donnerstag 4. März 2010, 10:01 ?

unfortunately at the end of the thread the important comments was deleted “censored”. :cop:

all the results of mcc004 made in taiwan are inside the verbatim specifications. :eek: