Verbatim MCC004 16x on Label and 18x in Nero



Hi, i’ve bought Verbatim MCC004 discs and started burning my first one with my Pioneer DVR-112D burner with firmware 1.24. Now I was surprised that the firmware allows these discs to be burned @ 18x while the discs label says 16x. Is Pioneer so confident about these discs that they allow higher speeds than Verbatim themselves say ?

As Nero tends to keep reverting back to the highest speed allowed by the firmware I find it a nuisance to everytime put it back on 16x before starting to burn. Will a 18x burned MCC004 give any trouble ?


Pioneer only allows the “best” discs at 18x/20x in their firmwares, and as long as your discs are genuine, you shouldn’t have much of an issue.

It’s also good to note that Pioneer is very conservative with their speeds with other discs [such as allowing YUDEN000 T02 to 12x because most batches did well overspeeding, but limiting RICOHJPN R03 to 12x because some batches don’t/didn’t do well at 16x], just to give you more feeling of safety. :flower:

Try one and see. If it does poorly, you can manually edit the firmware and disable 18x for MCC 004. :iagree:

That said, I don’t RECOMMEND burning at 18x for every disc. 12x will usually more than get the job done with good quality.


any idea as how to see they are genuine ? I bought them @ in the Netherlands (they are 25x spindles)

btw I just didnt think yet about disabling 18x in the firmware but ofcourse I know all about how to do this :smiley:

here’s the cd-dvd-speed test of the 18x burned MCC004 disc:



[not sarcastic] Searching with Google is your friend. :wink:


@ maicod,

Suggest reviewing the “Pioneer DVR-112D/L: Post your scans and questions here (1st look)” ( Forum thread and note the Disc Quality Scans of Verbatim MCC 004 Media and you will note that there isn’t any problems Burning this particular Verbatim MCC 004 rated 16x speed Media at 18x speed. If you believe you might experience problems Burning this Media at 18x speed you can limit your Burning software program to Burn this Media at 16x speed.

I use Taiyo Yuden DVR-R TYG02 Media which is rated at 8x speed but Pioneer Firmware allows Burning this particular Media MID at 12x speed and I routine Burn this Media at 12x speed without any problems.

It is one of the niceties of Pioneer DVD Burners in Burning known proven quality Media at a quicker/faster speed then the Media rated speed.



@albert: Thanks for the link. I now see that my discs have the correct stamper code (the outer ring code). It is starting with ZD…

before buying the discs I was allready aware of the fact they were made by MBI. I know that some of you people are less enthusiast about the India made MCC004’s but I think they are good enough for me.
There’s not much choice when you want to buy cheap DVDs in the Netherlands of shops that list their media-codes beforehand. Anyway they are after all Verbatims so they can’t be real bad :slight_smile: I had TDK003s before and here I read that those are much worse.

@bjkg: good to hear that its not very uncommon that discs can be allowed to burn faster by pioneer and that it doesnt seem to give any problems.

However I decided to limit to 16x in the firmware but how come MCSE shows greyed-out tick-boxes for the allowed speeds when I click on the 2nd MCC-004 line (first one is emtpy) ? I can’t seem to uncheck the 18x tick-box :frowning:


Disable the second MCC 004 by changing the name [like to MCC 0x4] and make sure you have not broken 16x [and lower] writing ability.

If that doesn’t work, you might have to attempt to use MCC 003 [although I think that’s only 12x Z-CLV max], CMC MAG M01’s strategy [again, 12x Z-CLV max], or MBI’s 16x +R strategy [assuming it is allowed at 16x]. Forewarning: they may not produce the best results.


since writing strategies for different media brands or brand-variations differ alot I don’t want to replace the MCC004 18x,16x etc. line with one that has 16x, 12x, etc as it will replace the strategy for the 16x mode too then. I just want to disable 18x.


@ maicod,

Why do you want to modify your Firmware? You know there might be a time you would want to Burn the Verbatim MCC 004 at 18x speed. The Pioneer Firmware writers did not just arbitrary set the Pioneer DVR-112D Firmware speed for Verbatim MCC 004 Media at 18x speed. Pioneer Firmware writers performed extensive testing to ensure in fact that the Pioneer DVR-112D DVD Burner can actually Burn Verbatim MCC 004 Media at 18x speed without any errors.

Purchase have you actually viewed the Disc Quality Scans of Verbatim MCC 004 Burned in a Pioneer DVR-112D as suggested in posting #5?

Suggest actually Burning a Verbatim MCC 004 Disk at 18x speed and then perform a Disc Quality Scan and actually see if the Disc Quality is acceptable.

In your software Burning program just select 16x speed instead of 18x speed if you really believe that your Pioneer DVR-112D cannot successfully Burn Verbatim MCC 004 at 18x speed.

If you are determined to modify your Pioneer DVR-112D v1.24 Firmware suggest thoroughly reviewing the “MediaCodeSpeedEdit support for Pioneer DVD-Writers” ( thread for information on Modifying Pioneer DVD Burner Firmware.



sorry disregard my post. wrong drive. :slight_smile:


@bjkg :

you ask why I wanted to edit the firmware. After reading my question, poster Albert suggested the posibility of removing the 18x in the MCC004 in the firmware and that sounded like the solution for me. I however found out that the MCSE author didnot make a feature yet to edit the allowed speeds per media.

I will stick to 18x burning and as far as i’m concerned this ends my question. Thanks for the help & suggestions.


…edit the allowed speeds per media.

1/ Download the firmware you want to modify.
2/ Start MCSE.
3/ Load the firmware file by clicking the load button.
4/ To increase the read speed, simply click the increase read speed checkbox. A greyed out checkbox means this feature is not available for your firmware.
5/ To increase the write speed, double click the media code you want to change and select the write strategy you want to use instead. This is a bit of trial and error.
6/ To teach the firmware a new media code name, select an unused media code of the same media type from the list, e.g. a -R media name if your new disk is a -R media, and rename it by modifying the Media Name/Ext/Rev fields on the right. Instead of manually renaming, you can also import the media name by clicking the import button and following the displayed instructions. Click the set button when done. The original media code will not be supported by the firmware anymore.
7/ With some firmwares you can directly modify the write speeds using the write speed checkboxes and clicking the Set Speed button. Greyed out checkboxes mean this feature is not available.
8/ Save the firmware.
9/ Flash the modified firmware as usual.
10/ Reboot.

[QUOTE=bjkg;1973487]Make a Folder named Original v1.24 and take the Dvr-112d_fw124eu.exe file and the MCSE v1.1.0.13 tool and place it the Folder named Original v1.24 and unpack the files in the Original v1.24 Folder. Use the MCSE tool and apply the Increase Reap Speed/RPC-1/Enable Bitsetting patches to the A04813001.124 file. Use the MCSE tool and apply the “Allow Same to Same Flasher” patch to the Upr12D.exe executable “Flasher” file. In the Original v1.24 Folder you now have patched files named A0813001_speedpatch.124 and Upr12_speedpatch.exe

Now make another Folder named Patched v1.24 and copy the A0813001_speedpatch.124 and Upr12_speedpatch.exe files from the Original v1.24 Folder. In the Patched v1.24 Folder remove the “speedpatched” annotation from the A0813001_speedpatch.124 and Upr12_speedpatch.exe files and now you have files named A0813001.124 and Upr12.exe. Now use the UPR12.Exe and A0813001.124 files contained in the Patched v1.24 Folder to Flash your Pioneer-112D with version 1.24 Firmware.

If you follow the steps as outlined above you will end up with your Pioneer DVR-112D flashed with version 1.24 Rip Lock Removed, Region Free, and DVD+R Auto BitSetting Firmware.


for a nice picture guide :clap:


MCSE doesn’t allow disabling write speeds in Pioneer firmware, at least not last time I checked, so the only way to remove the higher writing speeds is to substitute write strategy with another media code with a lower maximum speed. This is more complicated and more likely to produce inferior results - it can often work, you just have to find a “compatible” media code.

MCSE can disable write speeds in some other drive firmwares, like e.g. Nexperia based BenQ drives, but that doesn’t help in this particular situation.


[QUOTE=maicod;2089979]@bjkg :

you ask why I wanted to edit the firmware. After reading my question, poster Albert suggested the posibility of removing the 18x in the MCC004 in the firmware and that sounded like the solution for me. I however found out that the MCSE author didnot make a feature yet to edit the allowed speeds per media.

I will stick to 18x burning and as far as i’m concerned this ends my question. Thanks for the help & suggestions.[/QUOTE]

I don’t understand why you would want to void your warranty when you could just click a slower speed with your mouse pointer in your burning application??? :confused: :wink:


What jcusimano2 said. I dislike burning some media at 16x and simply select 12x instead in Nero.


Not much time difference between 12X & 16X anyway, I always burn at 12X’s myself