Verbatim MCC004 16X and DW1620(B7M9)

DVD Video burned with Verbatim MCC004 16X. Made in Taiwan. @16X Using Benq DW1620(B7M9) and Nero 6.6
The burn speed reached 15.5X then dropped to 14.4X at the end. Then checked with KP with very good results.

The same disc scanned with CD Speed

MCC004 16X @16X with CD Speed Tests.

Another DVD Video burned with MCC004 16X @16X Using Benq DW1620(B7M9) and Nero 6.6
Then checked with KP with very good results. For some reason this burn had a very long lead out time of almost 60 seconds.

Excellent stuff, can’t wait for the media to arrive. :bow:

nice results, havent reallly been able to get results like that with the mcc004 and the NEC3500 and Liteon 1633s drives :frowning:

My results on the ND3500(2.17) were close to the DW1620(B7M9)


i wonder when… :bow: :bow:

Just a heads up for people in the US

This media is onsale all week at your local Best Buy for 24.99 25ct box.
If you buy online it is 17.99. HERE

nice link thats half of what i have been able to tind it for
thanks for the link

Hmm…wonder when it’ll be available here??

Got back from Local BB, can’t find this on the shelf… BB website said it was available though…

Here are a couple more test scans. These are from a new batch of discs purchased at BB for 17.99/25ct box. They were still made in Taiwan, with the same great results. I’m curious to see how this media does with the the new firmware(B7P9) and the Benq Disc Doctor tool that is soon to be released.
Both scans are the same disc. MCC004@16X, DVD Video on retail Benq 1620(B7M9)

looks like taiwan disc are nicer…

mine are Made in Singapore

nice :bow: :bow:

your burns are just as good as his were. ignore the spikes some liteons get those. Your PI average is lower than his! :wink: