Verbatim MCC003 +R, 100 for $35 delivered. Last Day

Finally, Verbatims without a rebate.

Yo chas0039-

Again you have found a kicka$$ price on some excellent medias-

Thank you-


Thanks for the complement Mike. One of the benefits of no social life; you find the most interesting deals.

BTY I did some quick reviewing of scans for this media. It looks like even the crappiest drive will burn beautiful scans. I can’t wait to give them a try.

If anyone wants to save $5 and mess with a rebate here is another source.

Site shows sale/coupon on through 4/28. Also, the Amazon price is $39.99 after rebate.

Thanks Yo chas0039 for the heads up. I never tried them before but if you say they are good I’ll give then a try.
What speed do you burn them at on your 3500?
I just ordered 200 ($70.40).

watch out, could be cmcs.

Why is that when it says Media Code: MCC003? :confused:

CMC Magnetics produces a lot of Verbatim media with MCC codes. i don’t think that’s what easy123 meant, but that’s the case. CMC produced media with MCC codes are considered the worst (but not bad at all) of the 4 producers (Mitsubishi, CMC, Prodisc, Moser Baer).

Amazon raised the price and Supermedia said “three day sale” two days before the post. The coupon is only part of the deal.

I have only heard, up to now, of -R Verbatim MCC media being made by CMC. That is why I got the +R this time. It is possible that +R is also made by CMC but someone would have to confirm it.

This is my first batch as well since the only one I tried before was a single disc loaned by a friend. I burned it on the NEC at 8X. Most of my interest is due to burns on older drives (Liteon 812S, 411S, 451, NEC 2500) that were much better than they deserved to be. That, coupled with some contemporary scans on newer drives triggered the buy button. Mine are due in on Friday and I will have some scans from all my drives by the weekend.

just one of many threads:

If you notice, I posted in this thread and all of the discussion dealing with Prodisc MCC and CMC made MCC deals with MCC 02RG20 which is -R.

While I have no information on who makes MCC 003 the trend of the threads is that it is superior to the MCC 02RG20 because of the uncertainty of -R manufacturer and I have not seen anyone gripe yet because they got the “wrong” Verbatim +R. It is possible, I just haven’t seen anything.

if you notice, the discussion is not only about -R. OCFreak confirmed that serial codes taken from the hub of a +R disc are in fact CMC made.

also, from what i’ve read all 16X MCC media is CMC made.

Got it. Thanks.

just to be sure i’m not talking out of my ass (sorry if i sounded rude chas0039…didn’t mean to), i just checked a disc from a spindle of Taiwan-made Verbatim 8X DVD+R MCC003 and the code on the hub reads: PAHA28IJ12075380 6. then i compared it to a Taiwan-made TDK 8X DVD+R CMCMAGE01 disc with a hub code that reads: [b]PAH656II19063924 5


No offense. You were not rude at all. Anything is possible these days as to who makes these things and I’ll just have to see how these MCC 003s work out. They have to be better than the Ritek R03s I got the other day and I am really hoping that these will be good in my BenQ 1620. Maybe all the Verbatim +Rs are CMC. As long as they are as good as all the scans I have seen I won’t really mind.

Here’s what I am after:

good luck with the discs…all the CMC made media (incl. the CMC MIDs) burn well for me. seems like CMC has made improvements in the quality of their stuff lately.

are you planning on burning them @ 12X or 8X?

Good news for anyone who ordered from this batch. The ones I got are made by Prodisc. Unfortunately the sale is over. I’ll be burning at 8X as I believe the experts who say that slower burns have a longer life. Saving minutes now to shorten the life by years is not a rational investment.

Scans to follow.

Check your spindle to see where it’s made. I’ve got 3 spools of MCC03 with made in Singapore (that’s an Mitsubishi owned factory) that all scan great.
As an aside the 16x +R verbatim discs don’t scan nearly as well, especially on older drives such as Liteon812/832, obviously burned at 8x. Even on the NEC 3500A, the 16x verbatim discs dont burn as well as the MCC03. The difference in times between a 16x burn for 16x media and a 12x burn on MCC03 discs is quite small, so consider these discs even if you want the fastest burns.