Verbatim MCC003 MIT, just bad luck?

Until now, after having burned a few spindles of Verbatim MIT media, I always thought that Verbatim 8x dvd+r that were made in Taiwan were and would be very good.
Recently I bought a couple of verbatim spindles online, they appeared to be made in India, I didn’t have very good experience with them.
Last week at another online-store I was able to purchase Verbatim 8x dvd+r MIT.
Initially I was quite happy with them, but as soon as I started to have a closer look, I was quite disappointed.
I did the media quality check with Plextools and I also did a FE/TE-scan on one complete spindle of 25.
The result was that 10 of them cannot be burned at a speed of 8x…(due to a flaw in the first Gig) I however wanted to see if plextools was right so I burned a few @8 while Plextools advised me that 6x or lower. See the pxscan.
I knew I should have gone for 6x or lower, certainly when looking at the FE/TE scan of the dvd, but I wanted to satisfy my curiousity and tried 8x, just to see what would be the result

It seems to be the case that you have to be really lucky to get Verbatim dvd+r with an acceptable quality.

Do I just have bad luck (bad batch) , or do all the FE/TE scans of Verbatims 8x dvd+r MIT nowadays look like mine?

5 out of the 10 bad ones of the spindle–>
1-2: FE/TE scans, plextools says should be burned at 6x or lower
3-4: FE/TE scans, plextools says should be burned at 4x
5 : FE/TE scan, plextools indicates that even 4x is too fast for a proper burn

“Good” ones of the spindle all look like this–>
6-8 : FE/TE scan, plextools thinks 12x will be ok. But I still don’t like the TE graphs…

9: pxscan: burned @8x plextools advised 6x or lower, powerec did its work, just a bit too late tho. (burn was made with plextools)


Here is a TE/FE test of my MCC 003 MIT and a scan of an 8x burn done earlier with the same batch. Scan. Guess it’s a combination of Media and different batches. HTH.:slight_smile:

Hm, I know MCC003 can be “batchy,” but I haven’t heard of many batches where 8x burning was poor; usually its when we try to overspeed to 12x. I have a spindle of CMC-made MCC003 here (ZD1331-DVR-X47B) that have some sort of stamper flaw at about the 0.3GB mark that causes a large PIE spike area, but they burn at 8x and 12x fairly well (the rest of the disc area is flawless).

Neo-, I had the same thing with Indian 8x MCCs (with a PX-716A & PX-708A). They are pure crap though 708A could do a little bit better. Almost 40% could not be burned higher that @6x.

Thanks guys for your replies, thats much appreciated.

The conclusion I draw is that I just have bad luck with the Verbatims I bought.

One more thing I am wondering about though;
I am not thinking of sending these dvd’s back, or anything like that.
But how bad do dvd’s have to be before you can consider to send them back to the shop and ask for replacement for the bad spindle(s) you bought?

Would bad FE/TE scans be enough proof that the dvd’s are not of good quality?


Pretty much everything you burn coming out as unreadable coasters would be what a retailer would consider not good quality.

ok, But what if you can only make acceptable burns with half the rated speed? In other words when you have paid for 8 speed but due to the bad quality of the dvd you can only burn at 4.
Would that also be considered as good enough reason?

Well according to your scan in post #1 you have a PIF of 6 and 28 bad which is over tha max of 4 and you could call it a coaster, not acceptable (probably still read though). I would try to return them but it may be more trouble than it’s worth. Just my opinion.:wink:

Depends on the retailer really. Some have pretty liberal return policies, others you have to practically hold the store hostage to get a refund/exchange.

yeah, I agree thats indeed more trouble than it’s worth,
they are not of a good quality but I can use most of the dvd’s when I lower the speed…
Nevertheless its dissapointing from Verbatim.

Anyway thanks guys for your input :slight_smile:


I have two 50 spindles of MCC003 media Verbatim 8x + and they burn and scan great. I got them at Best Buy on sale for 19.99. I burn them at 12x and get a quality scan every time.

alan1476, are they Indian MCC’s?

No they are Taiwan and I have had excellent results with them

How can you tell where the discs are made? Also where is the best country to get them from? i.e. India Taiwan Hong Kong Canada or whatever

The best country to get discs from is usually Japan with Verbatim Made in Taiwan an exception.

I never got a chance to try MCC made in Taiwan (by CMC or Prodisc). It isn’t possible to buy it in my country.

verbatims used to be made in singapore by mitsubishi and those i heard were great.then they split the production to taiwan etc.

i buy only from now and i’ve used quite a lot of MCC003 (Taiwan) with fantastic results so far… i have used lots of Indian Verbs and Singapore too (again with excellent results), but so far my MCC003 have all been from Taiwan :clap: