Verbatim MCC003 at SVP - any good


SVP has tubs of 10 Verbatim +R for £2.49 (MCC003 MID, item code {DV 3239}). Has anyone used them and are they any good? I’ll be using them in an LG4163, NEC 3540, and BenQ1640.

Why are they the same price per disk as ‘lesser’ media such as the Titanium and Riteks?

I recently bought a couple of spindles -R Titaniums (CMCMAG AE1) and MCC003 (not Verbatim) disks and they were terrible. Not one single readable disk. Hence the need to know if these Verbatims are rejects or not.

Thank you


The Verbatim MCC003 are excellent. I only bought 50 and only for trying some +r (i use 100% -r otherwise) but they match other Verbatim -r discs well. Don’t compare them to Datawrite and it’s a good idea to check if your burner handles this id well before heavy shopping (The LG4163 is excellent with 003). There’s really no good reason to buy the Ricrap etc from svp with this little price diff :slight_smile:

That’s reassuring, thanks.

Int he past I’ve bought RiDisc (GO4) and it was fine. Some unbranded DDDVDR worked like magic in my old NEC2500, and recent scans showed both to have lasted well over the last 18 months.

But my recent bad experience has really brought it home to me how important it is to buy quality media – the MID alone is not the whole story :sad: .

I’m popping over to SVP now :smiley:


i use svp exclusively now, i’m a Verbatim freak, 500 Verb TY last week alone. However i digress, MCC003 from svp in my experience have been top - all Taiwan and very nice indeed

I have noticed in the last week that have stopped selling the Verbatim in 10 disc spindles, they have been replaced by 25 disc spindles at 32p each. I was going to buy some more… but might try out Verbatim pastel 8x dvd+r at

I’ve burned a few of them now (bought 10x10 packs). Seem to be fine, though there was one failure - tried to burn at 16x on BenQ1640. great at 12x in an LG4263.

Anyway, it’s a shame there are only 25 pack spindles now; they work out more expensive than the 10 packs. Never mind. I have enough to keep me going for now.


Not really. At 2.49 for 10 that is just under 5 pounds per 20. I guess it is a little more expensive but only by about 20-30 pence per pack. As mentioned above if you get special logon info you can get them for cheaper. Watch out for shipping at digital promo though. They tend to be overpriced for that compared to SVP.