Verbatim MCC002 MAde in India or Taiwan



Hi guys,
A little question from a newbie,
I usually buy Verbatim Mcc002 dvd-r from German. In every spindle is written “Made in India”.
Does anyone know the difference of quality between them and the ones made in Taiwan?
I usually burn them with a NEC 3540 fw1.W5.
I have also find a site that describe something about it but it’s written in romanian !


MCC 002 is an old 4x DVD+R media code that probably isn’t even produced anymore, and I never heard of any being made in India. This difference has been discussed on this forum before, though, search around and have a look.


MBIL has been producing media for MCC for a while, so it isn’t surprising to find MCC002 made in India. The Taiwan discs are almost certainly made by Prodisc, and are generally of high quality, so I’d go for those.


I used to have Verbatim Mcc002 dvd+r that were made in India. Generally they were of high quality. I can’t say the same about MCC003 8x…


It is written in Hungarian, not difficult to find out from the .hu domain. :doh:


a couple of things:

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the slightly uneven egdes shown on the verbatim made in taiwain disks. This is cladding put around the edge of the laminate to keep water and other chemicals out.
  2. My Made in Taiwan verbatim disks have performed great