Verbatim MCC 03RG20

I always preffered Verbatim DVD+R MCC 004 media but lately I was able to find cheap DVD-R MCC 03G20 (colour) AZO and bought a few spindles. After burning several discs of these DVD-R I found that scans show them to be of much worse quality than DVD+R. I have tried burning them with different writers at different speeds from 4x to 16x but nothing seems to help. Is this the quality to expect from them?

Where were they made?

[QUOTE=Albert;2780616]Where were they made?[/QUOTE]
Made in Taiwan.

Verbatim media has a tendency to vary by batch. As a general rule though, I have always found that using +R yields a higher quality result than -R, and that applies with ANY brand of media.

I did test burns with most of the writers I own to see if any produces better results but it only got worse.

I completely agree with terminalvelocd’s statement that DVD+R produces on average less PI/PO errors than the DVD-R format, which is likely caused by the fact that +R is designed to deal with noise in a more sophisticated way (ADIP vs. LPP) which reduces write errors and has more protection per data bit. More accurate session linking improves this even further.

However your scans (after the first two) are exceptionally atrocious, and these discs should not be that bad. Do you have labels on these discs? If not, then you probably have a bad batch or fake media. If you could post the hub serial and stamper codes we will be able to tell you if they look genuine.

In any case you should return them if you can or contact Verbatim.

I do not have fake media but they could be a bad batch. One hub serial is “MAP6940802211931 4”. I still have unopened some 25-disc spindles that I could return.

I wouldn’t expect the other spindles to be that bad, but at the same time it’s up to you.

I believe the above serial indicates that the media were made by CMC. I am not sure if anyone can interpret other information out of it like date of manufacture. I could return the discs and get DVD+R instead if I wanted.

I think the 8 in the above hub serial should be B instead.

MAP694[B][U]08[/U][/B]02211931 4

And the 0 is an oh (o/O), not zero (0)? So it’s MAP694[B][U]OB[/U][/B]02211931 4

AA is January 1996; AB is Feb 1996; AC is March…
BA is January 1997; BB is Feb 1997;
etc, etc

O = 2010, B = February, 02 = day, 2119 = time, 31 = serial number.

February 02, 2010, at 21:19 (9:19 PM).

(This thread: …points to a post on another site w/ a breakdown on what CMC Magnetics DVD hub codes mean.)

There were no known major problems during that time period, though by that point people had figured out that the best CMC-made Verbatim discs were from facility A (MAPA or PAPA for 16x DVD-R and +R, respectively) instead of facility 6 (MAP6 or PAP6) or other facilities.

Is it common to buy today media that were made more than 5 years ago?

Common? Eh. There’s a decent amount of old stock floating around places, so it’s more than possible. Depends on where you shop. High-volume stores probably ship newer stuff.

I shop from a local distributor so I shouldn’t get old stock as they receive new shipments from Verbatim every month.

It’s also not unheard of for distribution centers to find old stock & ship it.

That could have even been on CMC’s end, stumbling across old discs & just now packing/shipping them. Since the product technically hasn’t changed (same disc model), nothing wrong with that.

Sounds like you just got bad discs…and, looking at one of those scans, a drive (the iHAS124 W) that does a HORRIBLE job handling the uneven quality.

I visited again the local distributor as they had a new shipment coming specifically looking for CD-R AZO Crystal and DVD+R AZO media but everything they received was made in India. On Verbatim’s website I also noticed that most media pictured (by chance?) were made in India. I though Moser Baer went out of business some years ago?

…No, they’ve been in business. Of all the producers of Verbatim media, Prodisc is the one that went out of business.

MBI does produce AZO DVD media for Verbatim still. I’m not sure if they do the AZO CD-R, but they DO release their own media under non-AZO CD-R.

I was able to find AZO CD-R (both printable and not printable) made in India, but I choose not to buy any. The only other option for CD-R was Extra Protection (non-AZO) made in China. I could not find anything made in Taiwan.

Taiwan and China are both done by CMC. At this point, the media from mainland China should be equivalent to that of Taiwan.

MBI does produce AZO DVD media for Verbatim still. I’m not sure if they do the AZO CD-R, but they DO release their own media under non-AZO CD-R.[/QUOTE]

A month ago I bought some AZO Crystal CD-R’s that were made by MBI. The production year was 2011 though.

@kyrcy, MIC (CMC) AZO Crystal CD-R’s are available in Eastern Europe (Russia, ex-USSR) and Asia from what I’ve seen. In Western Europe I have only come across MBI discs. So I would guess you need to find a distributor sourcing their disks from Verbatim Singapore (or resellers).

In terms of Taiwanese CD-R’s, CMC moved most of their CD-R production to China. I think the only new MIT CD-R you will find is CMC pro.