Verbatim MCC 03RG20 won't burn over 8x

These discs are rated at 16X but won’t burn above 8x at all using my BenQ 1650 (BCIC). I purchased these discs at Newegg about 6 weeks ago. I made about five coaster and finally gave up and decided to burn them at 4X, at which there’s no problem–so I know the source is good (this is a movie backup). I’m using PcgEdit 7.4 & ImgBurn

It gets about half way through the burn then the burn speed drops to 0 and I get a write error in ImgBurn.

I know the pictures aren’t the best for viewing but it was quite difficult to get the right lighting. :eek:

Any ideas? Bad batch of discs?


Have you tried running a Q-Scan FE-TE test on them?

QSuite hangs about half way through the disc, and I mean [I]it really hangs.[/I] My entire system locks up and I can’t even kill the process via the Task Manager. Also, the 1650 continues to whir and I have to power my pc off then on. I tried scanning with QSuite at 4x, 8x, and 16x speeds–all hang.

CD-DVD Speed sees the discs as blank so I can’t run diagnostics on them. I haven’t tried different firmware. I may go back to BCDC or BCHC to see what results I get.

What an anomaly… :confused:

I flashed BCHC and had no problems burning at both 12 & 16x. So I decided to download BCIC from BenQ’s site and flash again to BCIC. This time I had no problems burning 12 or 16X.

QSuite indicated the MCC 03RG20’s are ok to burn up to 12x but not 16x, no matter what firmware I used. I usually burn 4x under the rated speed so this doesn’t bother me.

The only thing I did different than before was to NOT use the EEPROM Clean Tool before flashing. Think I will avoid using this tool in the future.

Hey, I had same problem with MCC03RG20 and BCIC. I burn them at 8x succesfully.
With BCDC I can burn them at 12x or 16x… They were MII.

I was getting 13-14% jitter with BCIC so I flashed back to BCDC and it’s now under 11%. Think I’ll stick with BCDC for now.