Verbatim MCC 03RG20 vs MCC 004?

Just ordered 50pk MCC 004 fullface printable 16x DVD+Rs. I’ve used the MCC 03RG20 DVD-Rs before and was wondering how they compare in general terms of quality, longevity, chances of bad burns etc. Also how do they rate against the TYs (I’ve been using T02 +Rs too).

I was recommended the MCC 03RG20 Verbatims a while back as currently good, but have since discovered Booktype setting which is great for compatability so I’m on the plusses these days.

MCC004 is an excellent media. One of the best. Better than MCC03RG20 in my opinion.

Compared to YUDEN000T02, MCC004 is supported better at 16x in most burners.

Thanks, that’s eased my mind now. :smiley:

One other thing, you say it’s better than T02 at 16x, well I’ve been burning my T02s at 8x in my NEC3500AG w/L&D firmware. Would you recommend 8x or 16x burn for my MCC 004s?

Neither, I’d try 12x first.

I’d agree. I would try 12x as thats what I use for all of my 16x media, and I usually get very good results using it.

Ah OK. Thanks

That’s good because the T02s were rated at 8x and even though my firmware was able to burn them at 12x and 16x someone recommended I stick to 8x, ie for best results don’t burn over the rated speed.


I just bought a 100 pack of MCC 03RG20 Verbatim DVD-Rs and a 100 pack of MCC 004 Verbatim DVD+Rs, and I’m a little confused as to how good the burns I’m producing are. They are being burnt with a Pioneer DVR-215 (1.13) and scanned with a BenQ DW1640 (BSLB).

My Total PI Errors for the MCC 004s is 40,000, with my Maximum PI Errors hovering around 11-12 for most burns. Max PI Failures is 6-8, Total around 1500-2000 most of the time. I figure that’s pretty standard.

What’s confusing me are the MCC 03RG20s. For an 8X burn, I’m getting incredibly low PI Failures (Max 7, Total 72 on one 8X scan), yet that same scan yielded a PI Error Total of 370,000 and a PI Error Maximum of 62. Of course I’m thrilled with the PI Failure result, but that PI Error Total seems quite high to me. Jitter is excellent, 8.29% average.

Will post scans if anybody wants to see them. Any feedback/opinions would be appreciated. Cheers.

Pretty normal for MCC 03RG20 :slight_smile:
Most batches of these discs have high PIE and it should be ignored when PIF/Jitter are good AND they don’t degrade .
I was angry first when I saw the high PIE but let it go for the sake of good PIF and AWESOME jitter

Here is a scan of MCC 03RG20 burnt with Samsung 203D SB00 with strategy swapped for MXL RG04 @16X :bow:

MCC 03RG20 is known to have high PIE with some batches and in some burners, like in [B]minaelromany’s[/B] result above. What you see there is to be somewhat expected. :iagree: