Verbatim MCC 03 RG20, Verbatim x16 DVD-R etc




Has Verbatim actually released the 16 speed minus version of blank DVDs? I’ve come across the plus equivalent at blankdiscshop which works out 50p per disc for a x50 spindle set. I have been Googling for some time, perhaps I’m using not enough combinations of logic in the searches.

I’m asking as I usually buy in batch and I have some films to put on DVD so I’m looking into the differences between plus and minus along with booksetting (think it’s called).

Any help greatfully appreciated.


Since posting I’ve come across two good articles:

Why are people making x5 DVD DL drives when there aren’t the discs for them yet beats me.


Probably will burn 2.4x rated media at 5x. A lot of the 16x drives will burn high quality SL 8x rated media at 12x or even 16x.


Good point. Whether it works will remain to be seen.


Accrding to, the Verbatim x16 DVD-R is MCC 03RG20 but the Verbatim x16 DVD+R is MCC 004. Shouldn’t the DVD-R be the same? Stupid question I know but I’m making sure there’s no mistakes so when I order I get what I expect. :slight_smile:


They are correct. All the manufacturers have different MIDs for -R and +R discs. Verb’s 8X +R discs are MCC003, and their 8X -R discs are MCC02RG20.


DVD-R is different of DVD+R (search on forum, there is a full explanation about that), that means they need a different write strategy and also a different dye.
All manufacturers have a different MID for each type of dvd
dvd-r dvd+r
RitekG05 RitekR03
MXL RG03 Maxell003
MCC 03RG20 MCC 004


I’m aware of the differences of the format. I didn’t know if the codes were for certain speeds, format, or both etc.


That would be it then. Thanks. :slight_smile:


I just got some of the 16x DVD-R Verbatim blanks. Media code is MCC 03 RG20