Verbatim Mcc 03 generics 100pk 29.99 free shipping

At … excellent e-tailer for the uninitiated.

Totally agree, on media choice as well as dealer. These are very good discs for Liteon 1693 (at 6X), NEC 3500, Pioneer 109, and BenQ 1620.

Price just dropped to $29.

Yo chas0039-

Bought these along with my new NEC 3540-

What a price break all the way around-eh?

(btw - saw that you got a Lity 1693s-eh? Must have dropped below $50 shipped-eh?)


Yup. Dropped to $49 delivered for a day and I grabbed it. It is one of my primary burners. They really got their act together after the 12XX mess.

yep, $28.99 today with free s/h