Verbatim MCC 02RG20 Made in India

Hi guys,

Do you think it’s worth getting these MBI MCC 02RG20 discs or not? Link

Cheers :slight_smile:

If you have a burner that supports them properly or can at least learn how to deal with them, yes. :slight_smile:

[B]Francksoy [/B]has experience with MII MCC 02RG20 :bigsmile:

Hmm. Do you think a BenQ 1655 with SolidBurn or a LiteOn LH-18A1P with SmartWrite could do the trick? :slight_smile:

I think they should do. :slight_smile:
I have used much more MIT Verbatim media and have not used the two drive models that you mentioned. But this shouldn’t be a problem.

Bought the discs. I’ll post scans when I get them, and when I hopefully receive my replacement LH-18A1P :slight_smile:

Don’t know about MII MCC02RG20 but my MIT ones with Video Gard protection don’t produce great burns with some of my writers at certain speeds.

My LH18A1P basically writes with 9% ave jitter @ 4x, 6x, and 8x but PIE and PIF are quite nice, sitting at around 50k total per burn. 12x produces a coaster. Have not bothered with 2x.

My pioneer 111L produces consistent results at any speed. Jitter is around 8% and everything else looks fine.

My H22N and 4167B LG writers both make super coasters @ 8x. As soon as the drive hits 8x I see PIF go up to about 200 and it stays at 200!!!

4x in my 4167B makes a decent burn with low jitter. PIE is pretty high though with about 400K total. Still much within spec though!

The most surprising result so far though, 4x in my H22N produces what could be considered the best burns out of all my writers with this media! It basically beats the Pioneer’s low jitter, and then also beats the LH18A1P’s low PIE/PIF figures! Here’s some results: (BTW had some dust particles on the disc before burning, thus the PIF here and there. It doesn’t usually do that but meh, still good for me :slight_smile: