Verbatim MCC 004 "ring"

I bought a batch of 50 verbatim’s and in the blank media there’s a “ring” near the center of the disk that break the “smoothness” of the surface (a couple of centimeters near the lead-in), they’re BARELY noticeable. When i burned them with nero/alcohol or whatever program i use, it says that the burn was successful but when i make a test with nero “cd-dvd” i get this awful spike:

I defragged my HD lots of times… i tested it with hdtune/hdtach and i have a decent and constant transfer most of the times, i also burned the dvd’s using 2x, 4x and 8x speed and there are still errors. Should i blame the discs and RMA them?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t know how reliable scanner your DVD drive is. I prefer to keep mad dogs outside the house (and computer) :stuck_out_tongue:
If you have a LiteOn or BenQ around try to scan the discs with them. Also do a TRT test (press F2 in CD Speed).

The transfer test goes pretty well, take a look:

NEC drives (MadDog are rebadged NECs) are:

  1. so-so readers (with the exception of the 3540)
  2. looney scanners (same exception).


  1. A perfect reading curve in this drive indicates that the burn is totally OK. :cool:
  2. you must not take your PIE/PIF scans seriously.

Now about this “ring”… without a picture and a proper scan (Benq/LiteOn/Plextor), it’s very difficult to say anything. Most +R discs show variable thin rings when examined closely, but I don’t know if that’s what you’re experiencing.

Sorry to be of little help. :frowning:

I just watched the movie in which i recorded the DVD of the tests and works FLAWLESLY besides that spike and the “ring”. I trashed 30 dvd’s for nothing thanks to the awesome reading power of the nec 3520a :sad:

Thanks a lot for the info, i didn’t knew that if the reading curve was OK then the burn is also fine :slight_smile: From now on i’ll just make the reading test instead of the pif/pie ones… i became very obsessed with those numbers.

Good choice - I only do PIE/PIF/Jitter scans on every few discs, but do a TRT on all discs, as this ensures their full readability to me :slight_smile:

Basically, if one has a picky reader (but not overly picky to avoid trashing every other disc… :bigsmile: ), sorting out keepers/coasters from TRT results is sound, fast and handy. :iagree:

Scanning is useful only if one has a reasonably reliable scanner, knows what he’s doing, and avoids foolish/sophomoric interpretations ([I]“oh my god, look at this PIF-6 spike in my Benq scan, that disc is crap” [/I] :rolleyes: [I]“Gee, there are 2000 PIF in this scan, that disc is crap[/I]” :rolleyes: :rolleyes: [I]“Disc X has PIE average = 2.36, disc Y has PIE average=1.88, disc Y is better media”[/I] :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: ).

I guess “awesome” is ironic, right? :wink: - sorry about these trashed discs :(, you’ve been an innocent victim of the widely spread misconception about PIE/PIF scans, which is that the software (CDSpeed, DVDInfopro) actually [I]measures[/I] errors on the disc…

The truth is that the “errors” reported are a combination of the reading process (impacted by the disc AND the reading performance of the drive, so each combination is different), the way the firmware applies error correction (drives can be different in this aspect), and the way the firmware reports this error correction (which can be different than what ECMA standards define).

So homemade scanning is basically a very approximative [I]evaluation [/I]tool, not a [I]measuring [/I]tool whatsoever. It’s extremely useful, but is not the one-fits-all method for determining burning quality and media quality that so many people think it is. :disagree:

Damn trashed 30 discs for nothing…

I would have at least asked on the forums or put them in my DVD player before binning them. Learned the hard way didn’t you :stuck_out_tongue:

Replies could have been extremely misleading… :wink: - not all places on the Internet have a bunch of people who actually think before crying wolf when looking at ugly scans… even here, you know darn well that the guy could have had very unsound commentaries about his scans. :frowning: