Verbatim MCC 004 +R, Officemax Warning

I just returned from an Officemax in Minnesota and they now have 100 pack Verbatim +R 16X media MADE IN INDIA. This stuff is notorious for low consistency and, up until now, I have not heard of it in the US. It was the old style label and the only reason I noted the country was that it felt different and I checked the label. On close examination, there was no quick way to tell. Those of us who use this stuff as a mainstay should check before you buy and possibly send an email to Officemax to alert them, if you are so inclined. I will never buy the Made in India and if it is all they carry, then Verbatim is finished.

I’ve seen some examples of MII MCC004 being good; it will just depend on the batch, the same as with CMC-made and Prodisc-made. We’re still talking above average level even with the mediocre MBIL MCC.


Last few batches I’ve had have been pretty decent with my LG drives (but then my LGs like MBI coded media as well).

Edit: Scan included in this post.

I think all the old packaging even the 100 spindles are old stock. The Office Max near me has all MIT CMC Made MCC004. They are great. I do not know if this will be consistant because I think the ones I have bought may be first stamped as the face of the disc is changed also. We will see as the new packaging becomes the standard and all the old packaged Verbs are sold out.

You’re entitled to your own opinions about media, but in my experience the Verbatim Made in India is still mostly good.

My best DVD media ever has been Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India.

I’ve also had some Verbatim MCC 004 that was totally unacceptable, both Made in India and Made in Taiwan. The MII were unacceptable due to problems at the edge past 4 GB. The MIT were unacceptable because of general burning problems.

I’d still take Verbatim 16x DVD+R (MCC 004) Made in India over almost any other DVD media when it’s average, and there’s nothing better when it’s at its best.

Yep, I bought 200 not so long ago in an online sale. :slight_smile:

Well, maybe things have changed. Made in India used to be the reason most people experienced problems with MCC 004. I may give them a try if there is no other choice. As it is, the MCC 004 I did get, MIT, is as good or better than anything I have had from Verbatim to date so I will stick with MIT until there is no other choice.

In my experience it was quite inconsistent, it might be good but then again it often wasn’t.
There’s good media other than MCC 004 - like YUDEN000 T03, MAXELL 003, or even RICOHJPN R03 (that is not always consistent either). :frowning:

My experience is limited to what people here say since MII has never been in the US in the past and the last I saw, there was some significant problems with the MCC 004 burn strategies when MII was mixed with MIT. I even saw this when my Liteon was “learning” and I mixed Prodisc with CMC.

Possibly Liteon and the later BenQs were where there were the biggest problems.

In any case, I can accept change so if MII is now decent, I will consider it. Keep in mind, as bad as either MCC version ever was, it was still a top notch burn on my Pioneers and LGs, so I have high expectations.

CMC and Prodisc haven’t been what they used to be either. You can get lucky or unlucky (or in between) with all of them these days. Getting good media has become harder than getting a good drive now.

As my Grandfather used to say, “You slobbered a bibfull!”.

Give them a try before you write them off as junk. A 25 pack
is pretty cheap these days. I have had good luck with MII
Verbatims. No bad batches so far. They usually give better
scan results than MIT (CMC) and always much better than MIJ.

Wow. skelton, very nice :clap:

Like Drage, the best spindle of MCC-004 I’ve ever burned was also MII. It was so good that I traded Sony T02s for half the 100pc spindle my brother bought from OM a couple weeks ago. These aren’t quite as nice, but they’re easily as good as the recent Neo-Verbs I’ve had.

My H42N and 112L get on especially well with these discs, but so does the 1640. Recent scan can be found here: MII MCC-004 @ 8x by DW1640 I don’t expect a return to the days when every MCC-004 was a winner, but I’m hoping that MBIL can do a decent job of maintaining quality.