Verbatim MCC 004: new hub code at Best Buy

Bought a 50-pack on sale this week. They’re MITs and have the old packaging, but there is a peel-off “Big Fish” sticker on the side. Normally I get PAPA from Best Buy, but this time the code starts with 6202E. Have I missed something? Anyway they scan about the same as the others I have bought.

What you have there is a spindle of Prodisc-made discs. The PAPA-hubcoded discs are from CMC Magnetics.

Thanks…everyone sold CMC here for so long I forgot about the possibility of Prodisc.

All of the Verbs in my local Best Buy are now Prodisc in the old packaging, both -R and +R, so this may be a trend. They don’t have any of the redesigned spindles yet.

I think Office Max only had them. But I think soon all the store will be carrying them. The first batches were really good. I know they were new batches because the design was different on the front of the disc.:iagree:

Somehow my lite-on SHM-165P6SX burn Verb Prodisks as well as their PAPA coded ones. this result was just after burning one prodisk Verb where as it burned 50 PAPA ones before. maybe the burn strategy was set for PAPA after burning so many of them but i did not risk it and exchanged the remaining unopened ones for the intelliflix packaged ones at the time since they were PAPA.