Verbatim MCC-004-00 Only Burning at 16x?

I’m using a Samsung SH-202N to burn these discs, and i’m only reaching 16x?

They’re from a 50-pack from BB (on sale this week) which by all counts, have been recommended more highly than 100-packs, and they refuse to burn faster than 16x, regardless of how full they are (most are image files sized specifically for DVD’s, so they’re 4,675,000,000 bytes.

I had a 100 pack before, and they hit 20x without fail.

I would say 1/5 of these discs hit 20x, but the other 4/5 only reach 16x.

I realize this isn’t a huge ordeal, as Sony discs are often restricted to 4x, but i’ve never had a problem with verbatim discs being restricted to 16x. And i have over 700GB of images i need to clear off my computer, which is why i spent the extra coin on verbatims (expecting to reach 20x)

Some extra information:

-Q6600 2.4ghz
-Vista x64 ultimate
-8GB ram
-256MB read buffer
-SH-202N (on it’s own IDE channel)
-average write rate only reaching 10.5x!!! (Clocks in at 5:00~5:30, and i want to be at 4:20)

Any ideas? Like i said, 1/5 still reach 20x, so it’s being restricted by the firmware, possible write errors/media imperfections?

I strongly recommend for maximum quality, burning at max 12x.
Alsto 202N isn’t the best dvd burner. Its a good cd burner, but dvd ain’t that great (i got 1 mostly for cd burning)

20x burns are not all that reliable IMHO so I stick with 12x or less with all my 16x media
for better quality burns and lower PIE/PIF levels. I look at it just like driving a car the
faster you go the more errors/mistakes can happen that can cause you problems with
your burns and can also get you a big speeding ticket if you’re in your car. LOL!!! :cop: :bigsmile:

[QUOTE=heyman421;2043758]Any ideas? [/QUOTE]Yep, like burning an image with CDSpeed instead of IMGBurn, so you can post the burning speed/strategy/curve graph, so we can (you and us) see if the drive starts a @18X burn and then resorts to slowing down near the end (probably meaning that the media is the culprit) or if it uses a standard @16X strategy right from the start (probably meaning that the drive is the culprit). :slight_smile:

Guys, I’m with you on the speed vs. quality thing, but that’s not the OP’s question… :wink:

Seems like the samsung might be doing it’s job and slowing down because this batch of verbatims are not as good as your others were for 20x burning.

As Franck said, make a burn with nero cdspeed and post the results here.

Also, just so the original poster knows, 20x burning saves about 30 seconds over 16x burning and there’s a high chance the discs will be riddled with errors too. 20x burning requires a really good batch of 16x discs and even then it’s going to be risky.

If you value the data, definitely don’t risk burning too fast. Most burners can write excellently @ 12x like many people have said and 20x burning is only about 90-120 seconds faster than 12x. Not a big time difference if you think about it. It’d suck to burn a bunch of discs and then have playback problems when you try using them later.

You can of course load the IBG file (that ImgBurn creates when it burns) in DVDInfoPro and see the write speed graph, buffer level, cpu % usage that way. :wink:

It was just the batch.

I got some verbatim from officemax today, and they’re burning much faster.

New packaging, PA6 i believe?

I don’t hvae a good scanning drive (both of my plextors died) but neither have been giving me any problems (PAP vs. PA6) with respect to playback.