Verbatim MBI 01RG40 the worst dvd

Well all my lyfe i use verbatim MCC but now i am searching for other good dvds because of this problem.
In argentin, in this month all the verbatims are MBI 01RG40 made in india and in forums from here we are complaining because the dvds are horrible a lot burn wrong and others start to die after a few days, i really don’ t know the media id
MBI 01RG40 but if you see it BURN THEM IN HELL :a
I don’t know how verbatim can sell dvds like this, all the respect I have was destroyed :frowning:

Hi victor04!

Where did you buy these MBI 01RG40?
Which packaging (jewel cases, 10 disc cakebox, 25 disc cakebox, 50 disc cakebox)?
Were they labeled as “Advanced Azo+”? Did they have a “Pearl White” logo?

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Are these Verbatims sold as “Verbatim Pearl White” or just as regular “Verbatim” media?

MBI 01RG40 is a media code used by Moser Baer India. A lot of Verbatim’s production has been outsourced to MBI, but this is the first I’ve heard that Verbatim is using MBI media codes (except for an earlier limited test production).

  • it cames in a case of 50 dvds
  • They are not labeled as ADVANCED AZO so it don’t have the pearl logo
  • They are sold as regular verbatim the case of 50dvds is practically the same as the stand case 0f 50 made by MCC03RG20 ( the last case i bought )

When I return to my home I will take a photo of the case so you can see it.

Here the photos, sorry for the bad quality of the images, they are taken from my poor cel )

Regular verbatim MCC03RG20 made in india:

shit verbartim made in india too:

both : ( as you can see the MBI 01RG40 don’ have the blue lavel in the top of the dvds)

Interesting, so these seem to be for the American market.
Nevertheless it’s somewhat annoying, usually we Europeans were the first guinea pigs for the B-grade stuff…

Why did [I]DataLifePlus [/I]vanish? :sad:

beleive me i am from argentina and we receive the worst media =(, to find a good dvd i have to search like crazy.

I noticed that too.

Slightly off-topic, but look at the DL Verbs that are cropping up in the US - they’re made by MBI, and as you say usually we’re the “guinea pigs”.

It seems that the days of simply recommending “any Verbatim” as good media are now definitely over. :frowning:

yes kg_evilboy i am totally agree i can believe verbatim makes such bad movement, here in Argentina practically the 80% of the people use verbatim and now well practically no one :stuck_out_tongue: the second dvd most common here is sony so a great amount of people is buying sony now.

i got some made in india verbatim advanced azo + 16x +r their not as good as their mit counterpart but still nice maybe time to buy in as much mit as possible ? :slight_smile:

i don’ have any problem with the verbatim made in india with advanced azo and id MCC03RG20,you got worst results with these dvds?

Hi Victor,

Please post a quality scan of these Verbatim MBI 01RG40…


i can’t because they burn all wrong or can i test them anyway?

Hmm is it not a compatability issue ?? Because if I’m right out of my head there were some older drives not liking the media with this mid while some other drives performed quite good with it !

I couldn’t agree more with you kg_ as with some of the Verbatim MCC004 being PAP6 discs instead
of the normal PAPA discs which always burned great and the PAP6 burning like crap :Z on most all
of everyone’s burners. :doh:

In the forums fron argentina we are having problems with dvd burners like LG NEC SONY LITEON AND PIOONER so i don’t think it is a compatability issue

Again, yep, I often get asked for a [I]simple[/I] answer to the less tech savvy people I know, who’s eyes have glazed when asked so what do you use ? and I try to give them a straight (IMO :stuck_out_tongue: ) answer, and then always say, well try Verbs you cant really go wrong with them.

As for MBI/MII verbs I have only had one 50 off tub from looking at my empty cakebox tower and the few I have QS checked (they were made a few years ago) were, IIRC, ok, I am going to go to a computer fair tomorrow with a plan to look for some to give them a try out with what I now know.

I have the philips version of this disc and it is rubbish tried burns at 8 speed and other speeds to but quality is rubbish burnt in pioneer 111d at 8 speed

I always look for MADE IN TAIWAN or MADE IN JAPAN :iagree:

MADE IN INDIA is teh sux :Z