Verbatim Made In Taiwan

Just got 2 packs of Verbatim 16x photo printable -dvds made in Taiwan, is that a good source or is India a better source?

Also whats advanced AZO plus?
Thanks for any info

^Depends. BUrn some and try… I use some of the MI India discs, they are pretty much the same as the MIT ones for me.

What burner and firmware do you have?

I find MIT and MII Verbs both burn fine on my LG4163B w/ A106 firmware.

Edit: but that’s just me. YMMV, especially with the MII Verbs :wink:

The Taiwan are made by CMC or Prodisc and are more consistent than those made by MBI. MCC 004 are not the same write strat. as what it should be so you should avoid those.

For MCC 004, the CMC made version is turning out better.

My new PX-755SA likes the Prodisc MCC004 better.