Verbatim made in Singapore and/or Japan



Today I went to a shop which was clearing out old Verbatim DVD+R (Advanced Azo 8x, printable) made in Singapore. It was 0.88 Euro a disc so I thought it must be good value for price (since it was real Verbatim) and bought all four discs which they still had.

Now… does anybody know which recent products by Verbatim are MIS or MIJ? Until now I only know the printable DVD+R and DVD±R DL discs, which are MIS, and the Pastel Disc CD-R, which is MIJ.

(Only recent products please, no 16x CD-R which I wouldn’t find in any shop anyway…)

Thanks in advance :bow:


Early lots of MCC002 and MCC003 were 1st made in Singapore.


What kind of packaging and/or product name?
(I kinda prefer buying in physical shops… I know I should stop doing that, but it’s a habit…)


Verbatim packaging, all types. And it says “Made in Singapore” on it.
MCC002 = 4x +R, MCC003 = 8x +R.


I’ve got some MIS MCC stuff lying around my room. I buy whatever I can find when I find it. Anyway, here are some product names + MIDs. Will post pictures tomorrow if I can :

MCC002 - Mitsubishi 1-4x DVD+R, 20 disc cake box
MCC003 - Verbatim DatalifePlus Inkjet Printable DVD+R, White, Hub Printable, No Stack Ring, 8x, P/N : 94812, 50pc cake box
MCC004 - Verbatim 16x DVD+R, 5pcs with jewel cases in a box

Of these the most recently made at the factory would be the Verbatim 16x DVD+R I believe. None of these are made there anymore. That factory only turns out DL discs now and it will be making HD-DVD discs as well.


Verbatim 16x DVD+R, 5pcs with jewel case in a box :


Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R, Inkjet Printable :


Mitsubishi 4x DVD+R :

I doubt you can get hold of these though, as Mitsubishi does not seem to be available outside Japan and SE Asia.


I don’t have the cake box of these anymore, but this is one of the original MIS Verbatim DatalifePlus 8x DVD+R discs :

The cakebox was similar to the one used by the inkjet printable version shown above.


The only MIS MCC003 I’ve ever encountered looked like your last pic, the DataLifePlus discs with the pearly white-type top. There were the X47A discs that weren’t very good. It would be nice to get my hands on some MIS X47B MCC003 media, but honestly I doubt the quality could be any better than some of the better batches of the Taiwan-made discs I’ve used. Those things were practically better than YUDEN000T02.


Actually, the disc shown above is a X47B. I only had one batch of those and I had no scanning drive at the time so I can’t really comment on the quality. My problem is that I’ve encountered quite a lot of bad batches of MIT Verbatims. The best CMC made stuff does compare favourably but quality control seems to have been horrible variable. I actually tested a 10pc cake box with Qscan on by 1640 and found highly variable FE and TE levels from disc to disc. I actually ended up sorting those discs according to FE/TE levels. The inkjet printable ones above (also X47B) are disgustingly consistent. Every disc produces a burn of excellent quality so far. FE and TE levels are also consistent. Those can probably give YUDEN000T02 a fight.


Depends where you live. Here in the US, the only MIS or MIJ that you will find is the D/L DVD+R/-R media. It is MIS. Over in Europe Verbatim has the MIJ pastels, but those seem to be disappearing as of late (in bulk anyways).


I assume you mean “the best [I]MCC [/I]stuff?” :slight_smile: