Verbatim made in Japan: are they Tayou Yuden?

HI all, I’ve bought 25 dvd+r Verbatim made in Japan and this is the media info from nero cd&dvd speed:

Is it a original Tayo Yuden media? I’ve burned a dvd and the result is great, but there’s a high spike in PI Failures that seems not good:

What do you think about this media? Thanks.

This should be genuine TY media, especially if recently purchased in Europe. Single spikes like that might just be scanning errors – try scanning the disc again to see if the same thing shows up. Also check the dye side of the disc to make sure there’s no dust/fingerprints.

Judging from the trend of the PI chart, it looks like that spike may occur at a relinking point on the disc, which is a fairly normal occurance.

Try making a test disc – it might be that your burner will perform better on these discs at a lower speed or at CAV instead of CLV.

Verbatim branded media made in Japan is Taiyo Yuden and there’s nothing to worry about with a single isolated pif spike in your test.

The spike is a NEC thing, caused by the burner shifting speeds during the burn. It is a “real” spike, but doesn’t always cause problems.

Thanks all guy!
I’ve a Nec ND-3540 burner with the last Liggy&dee-27 firmware.
So, the spike is due to a burning strategy?
I’ll do other tests as soon as possibile and I’ll show you the results.

Yes. Like RDgrimes rightly states, it’s a NEC thing. It generally doesn’t cause readability problems. To be sure, just perform a transfert rate test.
Different firmwares versions make either things worse or better with the 3540A. You have to try them out…

I would certainly try other firmwares. I burn these all the time on NEC 3500/3520, Liteon, BenQ, LG and Pioneer and I never get PIE totals as high as that. But then I just noticed you are scanning with an NEC so you probably are getting much better burns than your scanning is reporting.

:iagree: - Some extra margin must be allowed with 3540A scanning.

From what I understand, the “extra margin” seems to mean ignoring PIE.

Mmmmh… after more than a hundred scans with the 3540A and many comparisons, I’d say one should assume that a Benq or LiteOn scan would report about 2/3 to 1/2 of the PIE error levels of a 3540A scan, much less PIE variation from area to area, and a lower total PIF count. PIF peak levels are very similar.

Agreed, PIE reporting is the 3540A’s flaw. But when one uses PIE/PIF scanning only to compare different medias/burns and not to judge of “absolute” writing quality (which is, in my opinion, kinda foolish anyway), no problem :cool:

Sorry for being slightly off-topic. :o :bigsmile:- I’m out :wink:

Okay, so it seems…

I ordered my 25pcs spindle at in belief they were MCC003’s as advertised at time of my order.
When I got my delivery I emediatelly checked MID. To my surprise they show up as YUDEN000-T02. :eek: . has since then updated their page showing this item.

Although my spindle is labeled (on outer paper label) with “Made in Japan”, the burn quality of these Verbatim branded TYT02 sucks big time. :Z
Checked almost all discs in spindle and they all show high Tracking Errors (TE) at ~1.5-2GB when tested with QScan on my BenQ’s.

Can we really rely on Verbatims labeling? Are these disks MIJ? If so, than we should be concerned, because then there is something very wrong in Verbatims (and/or Taiyo Yuden’s) Quality Controll… :confused:

Beware. For whatever reason I can’t think of, ALL of TY media sold under the Verbatim brand is very poorly packaged and this brings important issues. Luckily, they can be solved.

Let me explain. These are genuine TY discs, no doubt. But all the spindles I’ve had contained the most DUSTY discs I ever had.

I can’t find it back right now, but I’ve posted about this about a month ago, with scans showing the difference with Verbatim TYG02 discs (sold in 25-discs spindles) before and after careful dusting. The difference was huge. Lots of PIF peaks on non-dusted burnt discs, correlated with visible dye dark spots (lots of them). Careful inspection showed impurities over each dark spot…

I started dusting the discs and the problems went away. Maybe you could inspect your T02 for traces of impurities on the recording side…

Anyway, this sucks big time. Efficient dusting of discs is not a breeze!!

I never had these issues neither with MCC Verbatims, nor unbranded TY, only with Verbatim branded TY :confused:

Of course, maybe your problems are not related. You know, even with TY you can get problematic discs. Specially since they recently increased production to meet demand… :sad:

Well I’ve seen this more and more with media.

Of course, maybe your problems are not related. You know, even with TY you can get problematic discs. Specially since they recently increased production to meet demand… :sad:

Well the bonding problems are over the whole TY production (From 2x DVD-R to 16x DVD-R) so not something that just started with increased production.

Hi Dakhaas :slight_smile:
The bonding problem, no (I trust you on this), but lower writing quality, maybe…