Verbatim made in India

Hi All

Just purchased over the net, two spindles of 50 each Verbatim DataLifePlus CDRs.

Seems that they are made in India…

Any views on these, if any ?


Works fine for me, better than the China ones and CLEARLY better than the Mexico ones. So they should be the best Verbatim CD-R’s.

OC, I got a 10 pack of DLP made in Taiwan. Quite good too.

The ones from India are usually ok. :iagree:

I can’t remember seeing Verbatim DLP from Taiwan the last two years here.

Aww crap, I thought the Mexico ones were okay! I just bought a spindle of the MCC AZO kind. They’re not good?

I have some Mexico DLP CD-Rs and they’re fine, better than the Taiwan batch I had.