Verbatim made in India is crap?

Hello there; i know this is the Plextor sub-forum but i have a PX755a and i think is the better place to ask.

I just discovered that Verbatim 16x+r media is not all the same; as Mitsubishi sells their dye at others fabricants.

I have some Verbatim DVD+R 16x in spindles of 25; all made in India (by Moser Bauer i think) (and the OPEN<->LOCK writing is “sans serif”).
i have order them in an online store (;it’s impossible to know where they made before buy…and i don’t want to buy them in my country because of the high taxes…

i have noticed that the burns made with my 755a at 16x is not always flawless; so it is because of the media ?

i have read so much opinions about that and i still confused so my question is :

Verbatim made in India by Moser Bauer is good enough or there is a high difference by the one made by CMC or others ?

I was lucky to get some Japan-made MCC004’s, and the difference is astonishing: They feel smoother, they record at a faster avg. speed and definitely show better scans. I’d had ten coasters out of a 100-pcs. cakebox that had been made in India. However, there are members of the forum who had the best scans with the Indian discs.

I think that most here find the Made in India Verbs OK.

When they first started appearing I got the impression that the quality was a little variable but always acceptable - depending just how picky you are of course.

Are the MIJ MCC 004s development samples?
I guess the next best thing that we could get was Made in Singapore MCC 004, but I haven’t found any :sad:

The Indian ones are more variable but are usually ok. This also depends on the burner (I heard that Samsung burners are very neutral).

The Indian ones are more variable but are usually ok. This also depends on the burner
ditto, that pretty much sums it up.

I read somewhere that the edges are not sealed, and that this means they are less stable long term.
Anyone know if this is true?

That’s what I meant by saying they felt smoother. I didn’t know what it was, so, yes, it is, and thank you for explaining it :slight_smile: .

Thanks for your clear answer; it’s also my feeling.

I have to say that the quality is great at 12x and 8x speed; but not always at 16x with these MCC04 made in India.
But I never had a coaster and i have burned maybe 120 of theses discs.
I am very curious in the “quality gap” and i want to try some MCC04 made in japan !
any hint for a French guy where to buy them ?
are they more expensive ?

What is your experience with Plextor drives ?

If you have Saturn in your country, try to get some there. They have filled their shops with Japan-made discs.

I only burn at 16x. You can see one of my scans here:

Verbatim CDs in my Saturn are all made in China! :frowning:

Infortunately i don’t have these shops in my country; besides your scan seems terrible or am i reading it wrong ?

This scan is a catastrophy. I’ve had twenty coasters out of the 100 pcs. cake box.

I’ve never heard of Japan-made MCC 004. Maybe you meant Verbatim DVD+R 16X discs with YUDEN000 T03 code, as these are the ones labeled “Made in Japan”?

The mysterious MIJ stuff is very impressive.

@Cressida: TY, indeed. I hadn’t scanned them for the MID because the difference is obvious, you can feel it. Now I know why. I should go to Saturn’s again and grab as many as I can. So, if you see a Santa again, it’ll be me …

I am also living in France and I dont buy my Verbatim MCC-004 on-line because I know about this problem.
Photos published by nierle on their site are not accurate anyway.

Because I have the luck to live near the border I buy them in Germany in “brick an wall stores”. This way I am able to check them according to the explanations given in this thread [B](many thanks to kg_evilboy !)[/B]:
« The Cakebox Gallery »

In these “brick an wall stores” they are a bit more expensive than online but a lot cheaper than in France and you don’t have to buy a lot in order to lower sending costs.
So if you have the chance to travel …

thank you franz99; but i’m living in the est- south; near NICE…
i know that in Italy they sell the cakebox of 25 verbatim +r16x for 8€; but i don’t know what is the country of fabrication.
I will check later as a friend have a spindle of theses.