Verbatim "made in" differences

Hi guys!

Im going to buy some spindles of verbatim 8x dvd+r media and I have the option to buy the ones “made in Taiwan” and the ones “made in Japan”.

My dvd writer is a plextor px-716A and I only test it with two verbatim dvd ( both +r ) with ID MCC with very good results. I read on the forums that made in japan Verbatim is Taiyo Yuden media, always??

I also read the media test forum and I see that both types of disc have good results so Im quite confused with my buy.
Any recommendation?

Many Thanks.

Made in Japan discs, always have more stable and reliable quality control than Taiwan made by MCC and Prodisc under license.- Verbatim’s Japan discs are not “original” MCC ,but excellent “Taiyo Yuden” (use MID: TYxxxx) .

If have a choice,try find Singapore made ΜCC media .There are “original” Verbatim ,due made by Mitsubishi’s (branded Verbatim label media), own factory .

I concur. The Taiwanese verbs certainly aren’t crap but they definitely aren’t as good as their Japanese (TY) or their true mitsubishi chemicals produced discs from Singapour. CMC Mag has supposedly stepped up their quality control standards but I’m still hearing about screwy discs coming from them so I take those comments with a grain of salt. If they are the same price there is no way in hell I would take Taiwanese produced verbs over Japanese produced verbs. :wink:


got a Benq and heard about how good it was and that it preferred +R. So when BB had a sale on Verbatims, I stockpiled about 400-500 (Costco frame of mind) and also ordered a 100pk from Supermediastore. Recently, got around to the 100pk of -R and 2 out of 3 had dye defects that showed up AFTER burning. My other - R seem “OK”, but not great. All of the verbs I bought were MIT. Unless you can find MIJ Verbs, don’t buy Verb would be my advice.

On the other hand, all of my TY’s (original/genuine A or B grade) have been fine. If you have a Compusa local, check out their supply of TDK -R. The one’s I picked are TYGO2 (-R) and MIJ. They seem pretty good cept for one bad disc. The +R are MIT and walked away from them. You can usually tell TY’s by the type of case. TY’s use a case with no “lip” on the bottom. If the top case has little flat tabs that interlock with the bottom, then these are NOT TY’s (at least in my experience). You really can’t go wrong with Genuine TY media :slight_smile:

TDK (TY) and Verbatim TY (and Singapore) discs are selected types only ,so not easy found them.-In this case Verbatim’s Taiwan are higher in quality of any average disc, so must go with them.

I have just received a cake box of Verbatim DVD+R (8X) and they say they are Made in India.

What’s the quality like for Indian made Verbatims, anybody know?


Average to low quality discs depends on LOT .Made all by “Moser Baer”