Verbatim M-Disc 100GB BDXL

Do you think these discs will require firmware update before we’re able to burn them? I suppose current writers don’t have any write strategies for the new 100GB M-discs.

Certainly not - strategy and MID known for Verbatim BD-R DL XL 100GB x4 (BD-R XL 100GB[B]MKM\ VERBATIMk)[/B]

Any consumer burners out now that can actually burn reliably on those?

These are selling c. 20EUR/piece on ebay (with postage) - so as of yet way too expensive, but let’s hope the prices will come down.

100GB reliable burning would require at least a couple of drives with scanning ability to scan the burns.

No current consumer drives/software currently support 100GB BD-R XL error scanning, afaik.

[B]Correct that price on 100GB M-Disc BD-R XL[/B]. I tried ordering from an eBay seller and they slapped on 25USD for UPS and another 25USD for tracking (could not change these). So the correct price after VAT/taxes (imported to within EU) [B]is c. 31€/disc[/B]. Just not worth it. The prices need to come down at least 50% for these discs to make sense for even convenience-seeking back-uppers :slight_smile:

And the [B]drive [/B]that does raw [B]error reporting for BDXL [/B](3-layer 100GB or 4-layer 128GB, although latter is not tested) discs is Vinpower modified [B]LG BH16NS48DQ aka WH16NS48DUP-QS[/B].