Verbatim longivity MII vs MIT

Is there any data here on this matter? MII Verbies aren’t regarded very highly, probably because they burn less good than MIT ones.

But what about Verbatim’s renowned longivity? Are MII also scoring less good in this respect?


The MII ones are just more variable, if users are percieving that they are universally worse than MIT, then in my experience, they are very wrong.

Longevity of the various types is unknown as yet, but as MBI are capable of manufacturing their own very stable media, then I don’t have too much fear that they are in Ritek’s class of incompetence in that aspect :wink:

My best and my worst MCC004 have been Made in India, but the Made in Taiwan media can also vary quite a lot.

IMO it’s too soon to say which has better longevity.

The worst Verbatim-branded media I have ever experienced were both -R (4x & 16x) and both manufactured by the most highly praised of the 3 manufacturers, CMC so I don’t place much faith in their high standing on forums, and the worst MCC004 I have used were also CMC (PAPA code aswell) :stuck_out_tongue: