Verbatim - LiteOn



I recently purchased a drive from CenDyne thinking it was a LiteOn 401248 but it was a Verbatim 401248al.

Isn't the Verbatim actually a LiteOn 40125s?
I recently applied the newest firmware for the Verbatim and it made it a P-CAV writer. Everything seems to be working fine except for InfoTool from Ahead.

When I run the tool, it detects my Toshiba DVD-ROM drive but crashes Windows XP when it tried to detect my Verbatim.

I've run InfoTool before when I had a LiteOn 40125s on a SIIG ultra 100 PCI card. I've since upgraded to a Promise UltraTX 133 PCI card and the Verbatim is attached to it.

Does anyone know why InfoTool won't work with this config?
AND, can I use the flash utility to firmware the Verbatim to a LiteOn?