Verbatim + LiteON = Bad?

Every single combination of these two has given me horrid scans. Yet, the last review of a LiteON drive here showed near perfect burns. My last try was with the LiteOn SOHW1653, where the drive refused to finish the burn and spit out the disc. The end product was functional, but the last file recorded couldn’t be read/copied correctly. Even a firmware update couldn’t fix the problem.

Am I missing something here? Does anyone else have the same problems?

MCC media has issues with consistancy, as does LiteOn. You can either try another batch of the media, or switch to TY for your Litey.

Using Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x DVD+R (MCC 003) media on a LiteOn LDW-851S with SOHW-832S CG3E firmware worked excellently for me!

Some users in this forum have reported not-so-good results with Taiyo Yuden media on LiteOn burners, so theres no guarantee that those will work better for you.