Verbatim Lightscribe Media Code?

Im thinking of getting ether a liteon 1635s or a 16h5s mainly for a error scanning drive, proberly will get the latter as it has lightscribe.Now me being me will want to test the lightscribe fucntion because its there and i can i have a quick question reguarding the verbatim lightscribe media. The cdrs, whats there media code and whats the discs like ? do they have a green bottom like the datalifeplus (mcc) and the pastels (ty) do ?? I know the +R discs are MCC 003 according to svp.

Oh anyone know if anyones going to make -R lightscribe ?

should be green / ZD2893-CDR-A80A-II-AZO, don’t know the MID. CMC Magnetics make -R lightscribe media (Philips)