Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R - any good?

Not sure if theres a -R but anyway

Verbatim Lightscribe v1.2 (16x) DVD+R

ADVDInfo: MCC 004

Not well up on lightscribe - can i instead stil use a CD pen to write on ?

i like the idea of a proper surface on top but will it cope with ink ?


I can’t imagine why you’d buy expensive LightScribe media and then write on it with a pen?!

It’s very good DVD media, however.

If you’re going to write on the top surface with a pen, you should buy normal non-printable media instead.

I agree. LS discs are way too expensive to just write on them with a Sharpie, I’d use regular Verbies for that.

I have some MII LS +Rs, and I’ve burned a couple, though I haven’t LS’ed them yet. My Samsung likes them :slight_smile:

glad its good media

thing is i might get my next burner as lightscribe but i dont think the media is that dear really - plus comes in decent cases in the UK