Verbatim LightScribe-compatible 52x CD-R and 8x DVD+R Discs

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  Verbatim  Announces LightScribe-compatible 52x CD-R and 8x DVD+R  Discs Verbatim Australia announced today a new family of  LightScribe 52x CD-R and 8x DVD+R media specifically designed for use...
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Note to Verbatim (should they read this board): How about a reasonably priced ($2-$3) DVD Dual Layer (8.5GB) disk. The cheapest I’ve found them locally is $10 a piece. Does anyone know where to get them cheaper?

We also have a photo of Verbatim 8X DVD+R Lightscribe discs in our CES coverage!

If you’re in Australia I know where you can get them for $9…haha not much cheaper but it’s still cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Verbatim DL is available for €5 pcs here in Germany. :wink:

Ok thats about $8.50 in Australian dollars.

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more off topic :B You can find 5 pack dual layer Ridata for 34 bucks which is @$6.80each US plus they throw in a +RW disc. For other deals visit in our Bargain Basement, where there is a best deal on Dual layer thread going.
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Ten-packs of the LightScribe media have street prices of about $10.95 for the 52x CD-R media, and $29.95 for the 30 packs. ------ US dollars? This is very expensive.

As I posted in one of the others news items, take a look at: They have some examples of disk making using this technology. As I mentioned before, I am quite impressed with the detail that can be achieved using this. Much better than a magic marker (especially with my horrendous handwriting) as well as using labels that tend to mess with some players (my car stereo doesn’t seem to like the extra thickness that a label adds to a CD and I end up having to “fight it” whenever I want to play one of these CD’s).

Many printers print direct to CDs/DVDs now, and in far less time than it takes to lightscribe a disc.