Verbatim Lightscribe CDs - min burn speed?


This is my first use of a lightscribe drive and I’m very happy with it. So, today I decided to give it a try. I used a verbatim LS CD to make an audio cd for my dad, but, the problem I encountered is this : nero won’t let me burn it at a speed below 16x. I always record music @ 4x, plays best in my dad’s car…

Is it something drive related? (samsung sh-s203N) Software related? Or is it the CD I’m burning music to?


16x is a good speed to burn audio cds. There’s no reason to burn slower than this.

I burn @8x on my plextor and it seems to be the perfect spot. Lower C1 than @ 4x or 16x.

The burnspeed is also dependent on the burners capabilties.

I would agree with most who say 16x is a good speed. This is mainly said because it produces the lowest and steadiest jitter line. Going higher can make jitter worse, and so can burning lower.

This is generally based on newer drives made in the last year or two.

I believe newer DVD writers are better than any CD-R writers. I’ve not been able to get good jitter on any disc with any of my CDRW drives.