Verbatim Lightscribe CD-R - Not Super Azo :(

Just got a pack of 30 LS CD-R by verbatim. I was under the impression that all LS media was Super Azo. The pack says made in Taiwan, Limited Lifetime Warranty, version 1.2 LS. I got CMC Magnetics Pthalo CD-R instead of Super Azo.

Do I have to get version 1.0 LS media to get Super Azo? Or is it just luck?

I have a couple of v1.2 LS Verb CDR’s, the ones i have are MCC code but mine are in jewel case’s and are MIC not MIT.

I had a very bad experience with Verbatim CMC CD-R media , just one disc that came bundled with Asus LS burner .

While Daxon CD-R media (Benq CD-R) is very good , the strange thing is that my CD-MP3 player played “most” of the CMC disc fine while it couldn’t readBenq CD-R at all :eek:

I got HP Brand LS v1.0 CD-R it is Type 3 ( 25pack MIT ) about 2years ago
and Verb & HP LS CD-R is currently CMC media in US

Damn I’m pretty annoyed guys. These CMC crap won’t even work in my PS2. I keep getting the Red Screen of Death. I thought my PS2’s chip was dying or something, then I whacked in some Metal Azo CD-R and some Super Azo CD-R and they both booted 100%. I tried them about 6 times, and they did not stuff up once.

The CMC discs won’t even boot. It’s a pity because they labels look really nice.

See if you can get some MIC, they should be super azo like mine.

Do you have a Plextor Premium to try them/test on? I’m not happy with the way any of my DVD burners burn CD’s.

Hmm interesting, no I don’t but I have a BenQ 1640 coming soon so I could probably do some CD-R testing with that :iagree:

That should shed some more light on the subject I think. Btw, would a liteon combo drive be good for CD-R writing? I could probably use one to burn a couple discs and see if it works.

@ Jedi_Master - Yeah I’ll look around for some MIC soon. I take it that MIC would make it almost certain to be Super Azo?

Sorry cant really answer that as i only have a couple of them. Could be a good chance then again who knows…

Not certainly. At least, all my usual made in China Verbatims are phtalos with CMC code (and they are in really huge quantities here… in Belarus :bigsmile: ), so there is some chance that the chinese Verbatim LightScribe version can also come with phthalo CMCs.

I see.

Well I ordered some more but asked them prior to ordering if they were Super Azo and they said they were Version 1.2 LS Super Azo verbatims. So I should have some super azo goodness arriving in the next few days. It had better be Super Azo or I’ll be bloody angry.

The recent batches of MII Verbatim LS media should be Super Azo.


They better be or I’ll boycott it. :stuck_out_tongue:
I had no luck with Moser Baer phthalocyanine CD-R. :frowning:

Why not use the advanced disc quality test if you got the drive ?

Playstations love azo and hate CMC pthalocyanine !. So no suprise here.

Current day, Verbatim is like a box of chocolate.

I wonder why though? It must simply be that azo/cyanine is better than pthalo with reflectivity and some other specs, which makes it a better disc.