Verbatim labels

Hi, does anyone know of any labels that are compatible with the Verbatim CD labelling program? The labels are discontinued, but I really like the program. Thank you Flintdale

flintdale, moving your thread over to the ‘Disc Printing and Labeling’ forum. :slight_smile:

First off welcome to the forums flintdale

For the life of me I can not understand why anyone would want to put those sticky labels on
their CD’s/DVD’s to begin with. :disagree: You might want to have a look at the following link on those
sticky labels yeah I tried them back
years ago before I knew any better but I soon found out the hard way why it isn’t a good ideal
to use them after loosing a bunch of data/pictures that could not be replaced. :sad: But if you
are still wanting to use them then you can find them at the following link and I hope you will have
better luck with your data lasting than I did when I used those God awful things.

You would be better off to either get a magic marker and write on the disc or use Ink Jet printable
disc’s and a cheap Epson, HP, Inkjet printer that can print directly on CD/DVD disc’s. :iagree: