Verbatim issues misleading blank media warning

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Verbatim/Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation has issued a press release warning that a number of prominent to less known brands in Australia and New Zealand have been distributing certain recordable…

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…with false MMC MIDs… I think you mean MCC MIDs (MCC = Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation).

Not before time that one of the major disc manufacturers has taken action against inferior disc manufacturers using misleading MID codes. Now if only Taiyo Yuden would do likewise.

Wish them the best of luck, but it’s going to be a pain in the @$$ to get anything done across international boundaries. Nationalism is just too prevalent in South and Southeast Asia to let this be a simple lawsuit. Especially when the plaintiff is named Mitsubishi.

It’d be nice if they gave some specifics … Who/what is counterfeit?

Hate fakes. Seriously, making fakes of games and software is bad enough but they are making fakes of blank media. It’s ridiculous.