Verbatim inkjet printables, are they Hub printable?!?!?

ok I am pretty sick of this false advertising by meritline and supermediastore, both sell disks that are advertised as hub printable and are not, supermedia says their TY’s are, and maybe riteks too, and meritline also has sold verbatim’s that are not hub printable.

Now one of my customers requires hub printable disks and i wanted to take advantage of the great deal that meritline has for verbatims for .39 cents after rebate. look at this link:
now according to the two reviews written in janruary and december both people said they were not hub printable. I am going to have to assume they havent changed.

Now I am not lazy, I wrote an email and left three phone messages with the guy that handles tech support for meritline, the last call I begged him to call me. I know that if I got them and they were still falsely advertised I would have to send them back, and they would not reimburse me.

There has to be a way for us to stop this!

anyways, did anyone try these disks from meritline for this deal? According to the picture they are made in singapore.

the deal ends tommorow, so getting a responce from meritline is impossible. More than likely I will go with Taiyo Yuden from they are the only vendor in the country that carries them

I got Verbatim 16x +R Inkjet Printable from Meritline a couple weeks ago. $1+ each, but they are hub printable.

interesting, well my price ceiling is 70 cents, being that TY 8x burn at 16x on benq and nec. Even if the disks have changed they def have sold them not being hub printable, and on a forum in a discussion about hub printable TY, someone suggested Verbatim as an alternative. I really hope I can get some confirmation about these disks, the sale ends tommorow