Verbatim help

I hear about MII (made in India) MIT (made in Taiwan) and MIS (made in Singapore) verbatim discs, but I’m not sure what type of discs are made where.

My DVD+R discs say Made in Taiwan.

Which type of discs are made where? I’m mainly concerned with DL dics, but I’d like to figure Verbatim out.

Does it always say where they’re made on the package? Also how can I tell where they are made when shopping online?

well to sum it up the MIS vs MII was only for DVD+R DL Verbatim discs.

as far as DVD+R the taiwan is pretty much standard (good quality)

and yes it basically always says where it’s made on the package as far as im aware of.

as far as knowing where there made online im pretty sure that aint going to happen since they just list the type of discs and thats it.

although i think the MII vs MIS is fairly minor overall cause i would be willing to bet even though the MIS is considered technically better… i would bet in most cases the MII still burns within acceptable levels. (in real world use there about the same)

hope that helps :wink: