Verbatim Hard Coat Question

These Verbatim Hard Coat DVD’s, is it the bottom of the top that has the extra resistance to scratch ?? as it doesn’t actually say on the packaging. Im guessing it should be the bottom.

The bottom (data) side has been protected with the hard coat protection.

OK cheers, i just bought 10 of them i’ll have to get some more next time i order.

So how much more resistance to scratch’s are they compared to normal verbatim dvd’s ??

Significantly more resistant.

If you believe marketing b.s. then such resistance is 100x more resistant than normal polycarbonate.

Hard Coat Protection and other similar discs are not immune to scratching, but you’ll get fewer scratches and not as deep as with normal media.

Na i dont buy in to marking b.s and i reliese that they are not immune but as long as they do offer more resistance than normal disc then good.