Verbatim gives hope for double layer price drops

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  Well, we all want a dual layer  drive or we have one already. But not everyone has the desire to buy media to  try the darn thing out yet. At 13 to 15 bucks a shot, as opposed to a dollar or ...
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A little bit of healthy competition from other manufacturers might help. Ritek (RICOH) DL’s are just starting to appear. I’m sure others will follow.

According to the article, sounds like the manufacturing process is a big part of the problem. You can’t throw out half of what you make and offer low prices.

where are appearing dude? Give me a website please :B

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He’s talking blx…! If you produce enough of anything the price drops rapidly, economies of scale and all that gobblajuke. And no, there’s no excuse for not producing these discs on a massive scale, drives cost peanuts, yet 5 DL DVD+Rs cost more than many single drives. There just isn’t the will, the manufacturers are simply trying to milk it. It maybe the downward pressure on prices will only occur when DVD-R DL arrives. Let’s face it that played a big part in bringing down prices for DVD+R media. To stay as a viable format it had to compete on price, otherwise it would have disappeared as we all went down the -R path. As for Verbatim, na, never buy their discs, too expensive. I’ll wait for Riteks offering.

Verbatim Media rocks! However DL is way too expensive and people aren’g going to buy when It’s cheaper to replace a DVD than backup!

for uk members try this is the first web site that i have seen them in.:stuck_out_tongue:

This is the Answer should they Wait—

The exact opposite is rather true. DVD-R media became cheaper at the release of DVD+R media in March, 2002. Before then, one had to pay US$10 or more for DVD-R media. After that, the price fell down to US$1 and then US$0.3. Now there are DVD-R media that cost US$0.2 or probably even lower.

twat - bigpockets suck ass!

Just checked - SVP doing Ritek DL for £6.99!! If they were under £4 i may consider some!

Mr Clatterbuck’s last line in the article: “I don’t know, but I guess that’s a very long way away” sounds forced, and surely doesn’t show a vested interest in milking the market for what it’s worth right now, does it? I mean, what’s he gonna say. Yeah, in 5 months we expect massive price reductions due to competitor pressure and tech refinements? Save your pennies, let us stockpile these overpriced discs and start buying discounted ones in 5-8 months? Of course not. He wants to sell all the high priced discs he can while he still can :g