Verbatim Generic DVD+R?

Here’s a link:

Is this the same MCC-003 media as the retail Verbatim 8x DVD+R? If it is it’s a pretty decent price for a 100 pack. Anybody have experience with this OEM “Generic” Verbatim media?

The real question is where is it made. You won’t know till you get it if it’s Moser Baer, CMC or what.

It says “Made in Taiwan” in the picture on Newegg. The retail Verbatim 8x +R’s are also made in Taiwan. If nobody has experience with this media I’ll maybe bite the bullet and see what it is.

Pictures are often wrong, but it’ll likely be either CMC or MB. Some folks have trouble with the MB (India), but the CMC is pretty consistant.

it is just newegg description of the item. It is OEM so you see the tiny Verbatim sticker on the spindle as oppose to the retail version with a big full size label around the spindle. The word Generic is misused because the brand is still Verbatim.

Wait, so this stuff might not be the Prodisc or CMC Mag produced MCC? If not then I won’t waste my time with it.

Hm. There are at least three threads I found about this alone.

I didn’t say that. It’s the same stuff you will find in any Verbatim package, it’s simply a matter of which factory made it, and the same mix is seen in any Verbatim packages. You could even get several spindles with different makers in the same order.

I just ordered some. Should be here on Wed, will let you guys know what media they are. Even though what my batch is may not be what your batch would be.

Awesome. I almost pulled the trigger as well. Cross your fingers and hope for MCC-003.

Okay, so reguardless of which factory makes this stuff, it will still be MCC?

I took a shot and ordered a spindle

FedEx just got here! They are indeed MCC 003, at least my batch is.

Me Too!:iagree::iagree::iagree:

Awesome. Ordering. Thanks guys.

WOW! :clap:

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The link to that attachment doesn’t work - not for me anyway.

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Thanks Guys for being brave enough to order those Generic Verbatim DVD+R and giving us the info about them. I really wanted to know if they were indeed MCC 003 before I ended up buying some. Now I’m off to order those from Newegg now. :bigsmile:

Just out of curiosity, are the discs branded on the top with the normal Verbatim logo?