Verbatim from taiwan

ok there are just too many threads about ty i feel like a dog chasing his tail, i have verbatim dvd-r 16x 100 pack made in taiwan, i believe that these are ty, frosted hub code zd9955-dvr-j47f4 inner clear hub is 8081E393-03876E09. also i noticed in the store today that there are verbatim cd-r silver inkjet printable does anyone have any report on these yet thanks this forum has been a big help in the past

Taiyo Yuden is only made in Japan. If the cakebox label shows it is from Taiwan, you do not have TY Verbatim.

TY Verbatim is primarily showing up in Europe these days. Where are you located?

Put in a disk, open Nero CD/DVD Speed and tell us the manufacture id code. (Disk Info tab). Nero CD/DVD Speed is free to download and use.

The DVR code signifies it is of MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku Media) origin and the inner hub code tells us it is MCC03RG20 media made by Prodisc. The “frosting” on the hub code is not the only indication used by TY, and it is relevant only with TY CD-R media.

i am in new york, the id is MCC03RG20, what is the easiest way to id a ty disc

To quote Kerry:

Taiyo Yuden is only made in Japan. […] TY Verbatim is primarily showing up in Europe these days.
They’d be Made in Japan. That’s the easiest way to identify the discs as made by TY; every 8x and 16x Verbatim disc made in Japan that can be found nowadays is TY.

However, due to your geographical location [the U.S.], you probably won’t see Verbatim-branded TY. Also, [I]for 16x Verbatim DVD media[/I] the actual MCC/MKM disc models are preferred over the Taiyo Yuden disc models by a large part of the CD Freaks population, so I wouldn’t worry about not getting TY media. :slight_smile:

thanks for the info as always you guys are very helpful