Verbatim for Lite-on 451S



I will buy large amount of Verbatim DVD+R 4x media. Can somebody tell me that is Verbatim DVD+R 4x media compatible using Lite-on 451S drive?

Can you recommend any other branded media for 451S?


There are different “Verbatim data life pro” available. (Normal and Pastel).

The normal were MCC02 for me.
TY01 sold as Verbatim Pastel DVD+R 4x (5 Pack) -> good
TY01 sold as TDK-R 4x(Made in Japan!) -> excellent for me.

Have a look at the Media Forum before buying large amounts. I´ve posted some recent results of this 3 media.

But all in all, you can´t go wrong with Verbatim. But for me the TDK-R worked better at my Liteon 451s .