Verbatim Euro version 48X!

Dear Euro friends it looks that from this month we will have our own Verbatim Euro version , the good part , they burn fine at 40X even with the Plextor’s (picky engines with the media ) …
The bad news is that they cost as 0.80 Euros …

After the failure that I had with the same media (made in India) , I consider this as good news …
Yea yea , I run the Nero Cd speed – CD quality test 0 errors … ( I had burn audio at 40x)

Now the next bad news is that Plextor 4012TA does not recognize them as 48X media , so the first that I burn ,end up to be burned at 16X , so PoweRec disable for the moment is the solution …

Date: Saturday, November 30, 2002, 01:23
/// Comment: Verbatim 48x

Media : CD-R/RW media
Media : CD-R media
Subtype: Medium Type A, high Beta category (A+)
Disc(Matrix) Manufacturer : Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Recording Characteristics : Long Strategy Type (ex. Cyanine type media)
Indicative Target Writing Power : 4 mW
Use : Restricted
Capacity (nominal) : 702.83 Mb

Most likely these discs are produced at the former Kodak production site in Ireland.

I’ve used some Verbatim DataLifePLUS Crystal 24x, made in Ireland, and they are of good quality :D, although the silver-like coating isn’t perfect on all discs :confused:

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[B] although the silver-like coating isn’t perfect on all discs :confused:

What part of it , if its just the print out , then its not a problem …
I have noticed by visual inspection that the recording surface was totally clean and shiny , the (Made in India ones ) they had fogy cycles at the outer diameter … This ones is totally clean … Lets hope that they will remain like that for ever … :wink: