Verbatim dvds shiny top makes mess?

Very, I barely touch them, they get scratched and easily smeared with finger prints or stuff, lot of the tops of the dvds are smeared little bit with of that sticky glue from those ‘post it 2x2 pads’, cause I slide them in my dvd wallet sleeves, cause they leave behind that mess, I since then removed them, I just cut off that sticky end of it and insert piece of paper. It wouldn’t damage them would it, I don’t paste it on the dvd, more like in the sleeve of the case? Hard to wipe off that paste(glue), prety sure its non-toxic, don’t think itll damage it over time would it(thats what smudged on some cds little bits of it) ?

Are any of your guys discs any worser then mine, with verbs or are they all shiny as they were bought new.

Are verb cds shiny top safe as most standard dvds?. Looks as if the coating is really thinner then normal. I’m afraid these won’t last many years in archival for me.

Whenever I figure out how to post pics with my camera phone, ill post them soon, I rarely use it.

Wish walmart sold 50 packs of sony’s :(, now there down to 10-15 packs. Like verb though good price at newegg for 50 packs 8x, havent got any bad burns with them.

Shiny tops, whether they are TY or verbatim get messy and smudged. I’ve got plenty of TYG02 with the same issues.

The CD-R are not safer than DVD-R. In fact I’d avoid shiny top CD-Rs since if the top gets scratched the recording layer gets damaged. I’ve got many TY CD-R thermal and they are shiny silver tops, leaving them in my car always results in scratches, they are only good for archiving in wallets/cases where they wouldn’t get wear and tear and possibly be damaged. I wouldn’t put much faith in them to protect data as one little scratch on the top could ruin the disc.

DVDR are completely immune to this though as they have the recording layer in between two pieces of plastic and scratching the recording layer is almost impossible unless you drill a hole through the disc! :stuck_out_tongue:

so then dvds shiny top have a very good coating or whatever separating the two shiny+data , I mostly use dvds mostly. Just can’t believe how they tend to attract scratches and what not to it so easy.

Same goes with my lcd monitor, I never touched that dang screen before in my life or moved it, and yet there are finger prints on it? !. ~_~.

I used to play LP records for many years so i’m used to [B]NOT[/B] touch discs and leave marks. I have no problems with silver TY and i have quite a few. Actually i enjoy them because it’s easy to see what i write on them :slight_smile:

When it comes to resistance to scratching on the top (label side) of the disc, DVDs are much safer than CDs since the data is in the middle of the disc on DVDs but right under the top surface on CDs.

If the “shiny top” CDs you’re talking about are the Verbatim Crystal CD-Rs, then they are in fact tougher than any other CDs I’ve used myself; the “crystal” surface protects the data layer better than the usual thin layer of lacquer.

Forget the Post-Its and buy some Sharpies. :slight_smile:

I also used to be extremely cautious with LPs. :slight_smile: But they had the label all around the center, so it was easy not to touch the vynil at all except at the edges. Piece of cake. :cool:
I also handle optical discs by sides alone for the most part. [B]But how on earth can you take a DVD out or put it back from/into its case without touching it near the hub, at least somehow?[/B] :confused:

That’s why I, too, hate these shiny tops discs. I use exclusively DVD cases (no sleeves) so I HAVE to touch the top of the disc in a way or another… and even with freshly cleansed hands, the slightest touch leaves marks on these shiny things! :doh:

Whatever, for my personal use I’ve entirely switched to printables now… :slight_smile: (printable Verbatims have become so cheap in Europe… :stuck_out_tongue: - except in Belgium of course :a )

I only touch the edges - inner hub and outer disc. With the right move the disc is easily out ouf all boxes without me fingering them. I push them “gently” out of sleeves - again i only touch the inner edge of the hub. Perhaps it takes a little practice but i can’t remember i ever did it different.

Sleeves. This explaining that. :slight_smile:
I don’t like sleeves…

Veering OT but funnily enough I going to post about markers…I have some Verbatim ones and although they are a reasonably fine point, I’m sure there but be finer. How fine are those Sharpies? I keep seeing them advertised on the telly ATM.

Ah, even though Sharpies is a brand name I use it to describe any CDR pen. :slight_smile: